What is the correct spelling for TAEKN?

If you've typed "taekn" instead of "taken", fear not! Autocorrect might have betrayed you, but here's the fix. It seems you meant to say "taken", which is the correct spelling of the word. Keep an eye on those pesky letter swaps and your texts will be error-free!

Correct spellings for TAEKN

  • tack I need to buy some more push pins for my bulletin board to tack up new papers.
  • tacky I don't want to wear that tacky dress.
  • taegu The city of Taegu is located in the southeastern part of the Korean Peninsula.
  • take I'm not sure if I should take the blue pill or the red pill.
  • taken I have taken many photos during my travels.
  • tan I always wear sunscreen at the beach, otherwise I'll end up with a painful sunburn and a dark tan.
  • tank
  • tarn The tarn gleamed in the sunlight, reflecting the surrounding mountains.
  • tavern The tavern was teeming with people who were enjoying themselves.
  • teen I'm a teen, and I don't need your help!
  • ten She's having ten kittens.
  • TENN
  • tern The asteroid tern is a small, fast-moving bird.