What is the correct spelling for TAKIG?

If you've mistakenly written "takig" instead of the intended word, "taking", don't worry! Auto-correct mishaps occur to the best of us. Simple suggestions might include replacing it with "taking", "takingg" or "taken". Remember to proofread carefully to avoid such errors in the future!

Correct spellings for TAKIG

  • tacking The bow sailed smoothly through the air, arrow fastened to target with stout tacking.
  • tag She was wearing a TAG Heuer watch.
  • taiga The taiga is a forested area dominated by coniferous trees.
  • take I will take your bag.
  • taken After the robbery, the victim was taken to the hospital.
  • taker The taker won the hand.
  • takes She always takes the time to listen to others, no matter how busy she is.
  • taking She is taking her time to decide which college to attend.
  • talkie She was talking on her talkie all the time.
  • tang I need a metal screwdriver to remove the tang on my knife.
  • taxi Let's take a taxi to the airport.
  • trig I am currently studying Trig for my math exam.
  • twig I tied my shoe using a twig.

16 words made from the letters TAKIG