What is the correct spelling for TALEND?

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Correct spellings for TALEND

  • bland "I am told that they lock the door at night," replied Carrados, with bland malice.
  • blend Even the poet seer, who was to be the guide of Dante in the shades, has failed to blend the immemorial faith of the Latin race with the dreams of future beatitude or anguish which came to him from Pythagorean or Platonic teaching.
  • darned It was darned terrifying, I can tell you.
  • eland When he had gone some distance, he returned by another way to the dead eland , and creeping into its carcass, cut out all the fat.
  • gland Besides, he showed that a typical gland of external secretion could also have an internal secretion, a possibility never before considered.
  • land "That is why you English come to our beautiful land .
  • lend I say, take me to your room, and let me lend you mine."
  • lent Her despair lent her wit.
  • lind Her own particular chums, including Ellen Seymour and Esther Lind , were all there.
  • tailed "Oh, come," laughed Billy, "I've heard of tailed men and white Africans with red top-knots like Lathrop, but a race of winged men is coming it too strong."
  • tailwind
  • talent While Marguerite had a talent for writing, she had a positive genius for spending money.
  • talented A strange, talented figure, new in letters, the article said.
  • talmud Not so a Lithuanian-he learned a whole treatise of the Talmud by heart!
  • talon The core A of the chuck screws upon M, and is threaded to receive the adjustment nut B, which receives and holds the adjustment wedges C at their ends by the talon shown.
  • tanned He was too tanned .
  • tend Let Mr. Powell come and see us happie; it may tend to make him soe.
  • tent And they return to the dancing-tent.
  • tiled It was as though we were lunching in a New York subway station: a great, vaulted, white-tiled room aglare with electric lights.
  • tilled You cannot understand that the root of Eli Tregarthen's life goes down into the soil he has tilled from childhood as his parents tilled it.
  • tinned Tinned stuff and bottled stuff."
  • toledo We have more miles of paved streets in proportion to our population than any city between Buffalo and Toledo .
  • toned She talked to him in Her beautiful, low-toned voice, and by-and-by She sat down to the piano and sang to him.
  • trained He is trained never to touch any one, but he is also trained to keep every one out.
  • trend Nevertheless, it is not satire, at least not in its general trend , for in his work we find too much human tenderness for satire.
  • tuned Possibly some of the nontransposing instruments were tuned to choir pitch and others to tertiam minorem, while the transposing instruments were set a fourth lower than choir pitch.
  • turned It was all so much better as it had turned out.
  • Dawned Miss Nugent looked at him again, and an idea, strange and incredible, dawned slowly upon her.
  • Dialed She dialed in the heading, skimmed through the first item that appeared.
  • Planed The rod end should be planed to thickness for the brasses and of equal thickness on each side of the keyway.
  • Talked "We talked-" "Yes, I know, Ms. Hampton.
  • Tallied Course he didn't make no family hist'ry out of tellin' who his lady-fren' was, but as far as he went it tallied with the card, even to lettin' on that she was a Lady Brigandess.
  • Told She must never be told.
  • Toiled Mark, if your selfish grandeurs cold On human hearts so firm a hold For ye, and yours, create As they possessed, whose breasts though rude Glowed with the warmth of brotherhood For all who toiled, through youth and age, T' enrich their force-won heritage!
  • Tolled I tolled the bell again.
  • tooled This was a person with the appearance of a rather dissipated sporting man, who tooled tandem through the village, and pulled up at the ruins in broad daylight.
  • Talents "I have had to teach very ordinary minds all my life, and have wasted my talents on them.
  • aliened
  • talons
  • anti-catholic
  • out-of-wedlock

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