What is the correct spelling for TANCH?

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Correct spellings for TANCH

  • bench Back into the life he wants and the confession of the bench Life outside the diamond is a wrench – Piazza, New York Catcher by Belle & Sebastian
  • bunch
  • cinch An' now, when she lights her fire, it's a cinch it's my poor old friend Smoke.
  • conch Purun Chand placed a conch -horn to his lips, and blew a long deep-toned call.
  • dance Who are you going to dance with?
  • danish To her amazement, on sitting up, she found that she was in a rude cart with two Danish women and some children.
  • finch I hit against a member, Mr. Myddleton Finch , and he-he jumped and swore at me.
  • haunch During the interval that had elapsed, the latter had not been idling his opportunity: as was indicated by the condition of the haunch of cold venison of which he had been invited to partake; and which was the same set before the traveller who had just taken his departure.
  • hunch If your father does give it away-well, then we'll play our hunch and try to beat her to it.
  • inch Although the rain lasted thirty-six hours in all, only about an inch fell.
  • launch The blow he struck at the sheriff had merely served to launch him on his way.
  • lunch We got back late for lunch , only ten minutes before the train started.
  • lynch Any doubts as to my personal safety, which may have been roused by my early insight into Lynch law, were soon completely set at rest; for I soon perceived that if any one were to annoy me the remainder would stand by me as a point of honour.
  • manchu I venture to think The Times would regard the difficulty as removed if the Manchu Empire were restored.
  • munch After having taken a full view of this collection, I retired, and at the usual time was preparing to lay the cloth, when I was told by the maid that her mistress was still in bed, and had been so affected with the notes of the hounds in the morning, that she actually believed herself a hare beset by the hunters, and begged a few greens to munch for breakfast.
  • paunch He stood up rather stiffly, drew his belt up over his rounded paunch .
  • pinch I thought that on a pinch it could all be done in one day.
  • punch I told them that we must not think of going till the punch was finished, and they agreed, saying, in high glee, that it would be a great sin to leave so good a thing behind.
  • ranch "I'm out here to ranch .
  • stanch One thing he has made clearer still-if we do not see each other for ten years, he will come back the same stanch friend."
  • staunch He was a staunch friend of his country and entered the army a Captain.
  • stench And, too, a most abominable stench appeared to rise from the altar of death, and Bruno shrunk back with a shiver of disgust.
  • tan A pallor formed under the Chevalier's tan .
  • taney
  • tango Mr. Jeffries opened the ball, and to the delight and amusement of us all, he succeeded in leading out with him Mrs. Sproul, who turned the opening dance into a stately old Virginia reel, which so delighted the tango dancers with its novelty that the dance was repeated several times during the evening by enthusiastic requests.
  • tangy
  • tank
  • tansy Country folk often call it Cramp Weed: but it is more generally known as Goose Tansy , or Goose Gray, because it is a spurious Tansy , fit only for a goose; or, perhaps, because eaten by geese.
  • tarnish Yet Nelson had unwittingly met the woman who was to tarnish the pure glory of his fame; and Emma had met the man but for whom she would to-day be forgotten.
  • teach
  • tech
  • tench Each person's palate may be differently affected-pleased or displeased; and there is no standard by which to judge why a red mullet, a sole, or a turbot, should be better or worse than a salmon, trout, pike, or a tiny tench .
  • tenth
  • torch
  • touch
  • tranche
  • trench
  • wench
  • winch
  • Natch
  • Sancho
  • Tanisha
  • Tanya
  • Tania
  • TANS
  • tang
  • aftertastes
  • deracinations
  • best-case
  • board-certified

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