What is the correct spelling for TANF?

If you've misspelled "tanf", here are some possible corrections: "tang", referring to a sweet and citrusy flavor; "tank", a large container for storing liquids or gases; "tarn", a small mountain lake; "tans", a verb meaning to darken the skin through sun exposure. Double-check to ensure the intended meaning matches your original context.

Correct spellings for TANF

  • ANF
  • T ANF
  • TA NF
  • TAAF
  • TAF
  • TAN I like to lie in the sun to get a nice tan.
  • TAN F
  • TANG The tang of the lemon in the sauce made it a perfect pairing for the fish.
  • TANK The tank was filled to capacity.
  • TANS I always wear shorts and tans during the summer.
  • TNF TNF is a protein that plays a role in inflammation and the immune system.