What is the correct spelling for TARGERS?

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Correct spellings for TARGERS

  • staggers He starts back; his drink-inflamed face grows ashy pale; a frightened gleam flickers in his eyes-he trembles-he stretches forth his arm as if to ward him off-and staggers back-two-three paces.
  • starkers
  • tagus We passed some rather interesting land scenery this afternoon, before we came to the mouth of the Tagus ; you could see houses, comfortably nestled up the sides of the hills.
  • tangiers It is but justice to add, the Bishop went to Tangiers .
  • target Suppose the chateau should suddenly become the target for the German guns?
  • taxer So that at the next State election, in which George ran for Secretary of State, presumably because that office came nearest to meeting the requirement for a single taxer seeking a practical scope of action, the vote in the city fell to 37,000 and in the whole State amounted only to 72,000. This ended the political labor movement in New York.
  • teargas
  • Tagger Whereupon every player must run out from his home or goal, or change places with the tagger.
  • Tigers For nobody could shoot tigers in an Indian jungle after he had gone off to Australia.
  • tapers Towards the top it tapers off again, and the climber will have to do a bit of scrambling to get on to the summit of the precipice.
  • takes One takes care not to see them too often, or to be alone with them for too long together.
  • badgers Again, it may be that the existence of numerous deserted homes of badgers , or even rabbits, makes it unnecessary for them to spend their time in building homes of their own.
  • targets Complex tables that would not provide useful search targets and would be prone to transcription errors have been left as images.
  • barges Mrs. Hilbery had risen from her table, and was standing looking out of the window at a string of barges swimming up the river.
  • tankers The German U-boats were making a particularly successful drive at tankers with the result that England had the utmost difficulty in supplying her fleet with this kind of fuel.
  • tags They stood to the tags of their boots in mud.
  • daggers The four daggers he had used were still on the ground and he picked them up.
  • augers I am sure I can recommend them as first-class augers , for they sank the boats in time for all hands to sit down to breakfast at half-past nine o'clock.
  • wagers They were as careless, as merry, as shameless as before; the talk then had been of Madame's coming, now it was of her going; they talked of Dover and what had passed there, but the treaty was dismissed with a shrug, and the one theme of interest, and the one subject of wagers , was whether or how soon Mlle.
  • dangers He had no fear of failure; he had come safely through too many dangers not to be confident.
  • TATERS And they'll get it too, with the story they've got to tell, and them poor devils planted thick as taters in the cheap corner of the cemetery.
  • tackers He did not try to persuade the Scotch to peace by the same methods which he had used in the case of the High-fliers and Tackers .
  • tares Carlyle reminds his opponent of that other parable, according to which it was an enemy who surreptitiously sowed the tares of evil, and these grow because no one can pull them out.
  • lagers You but your hand in my bocket ven you takes my dinners, my lagers , and my brandies, but I no do vat no shentlemens does.
  • talkers Wondering why half the oxen should thus be left behind, Gerard drew off from the talkers , whom he understood but imperfectly, and turned to meet the "boy" in order to learn the reason.
  • taxers There is a story very popular among single taxers and other advocates of freedom of the land.
  • sarges
  • pagers
  • tamers This would have been very pleasant if he had liked "nice books" such as little girls enjoy; but no, he chose stories of lion-tamers, and sea-serpents, and wild, dreadful Indians.
  • arguers Martin: I suspect these clever arguers .
  • tanagers As a family, the tanagers have weak, squeaky voices, but both our species are good songsters.
  • takers The list of famous snuff-takers of the olden time is a long one, and only a few can be noticed here.
  • garters He pulled up his stockings and fastened his garters , then he slipped out into the snow and saw that the sky was full of stars and that the storm had passed.
  • carders The advertisement, long and awkwardly worded, offered for sale an old spinning wheel, an ancient loom and a set of wool carders .
  • larges
  • chargers
  • carters But the strong, sturdy men, the carters and shepherds, stood aloof; the bulk and backbone of the agricultural labouring population were not in the least affected.
  • agglutinates
  • alterings
  • alterities
  • arm-twist
  • assemblying
  • cock-a-doodle-doos
  • frivolled
  • insanitations

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