What is the correct spelling for TASTIN?

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Correct spellings for TASTIN

  • austin Austin was impatient to be off before cold weather.
  • basting And during the day I could gaze past the Duke of York's Column with its wheeling pigeons and think of her, unpicking, pinning tissue-paper patterns, basting, threading the eye of her sewing-machine needle, or, with some garment or other tucked under her crumpled chin, trying to see the whole of herself at once in the narrow strip of mirror she had fetched from the bedroom.
  • casting But to the fishing rod and line; we started with bait and did underhand casting from lower deck up and down the ship's side.
  • destine See, Glaucus, these pearls are the present I destine to your bride: may Juno give her health to wear them!
  • destiny But there is another thing: we must think of the fate of our race and the destiny of our children....
  • fasting Then, after silence and fasting; fresh paint and flags for the new arrival!
  • lasting There was no deep concern, no lasting grief, no hate.
  • satin He was clad in a yellow satin dressing-gown, and wore great smoke-coloured spectacles.
  • tartan "Come forth, Margaret Williamson," cried the gentleman who had first spoken to her; and Margaret, with her tartan plaid around her, and her child at her foot, stood before King James.
  • taste We must just take what life gives us; and if by and by comes sorrow, why, we've had a little taste of joy.
  • taster She constituted herself cup-bearer, wine-taster and handmaiden for their daughter.
  • tastily The sweetest object in the world is a beautiful child, tastily dressed, free from vanity, and perfectly natural and unspoiled.
  • tasting Waves of disgust rolled hotly over his heart, and he almost choked from the large, bitter-tasting ball that rose in his throat.
  • tasty How lady-like she was in her tasty dress.
  • tatting Dressing in the morning he would hear the postman come splendidly rat tatting along the square and would hold his breath for that glorious thunder to come echoing up from his own front door-and it never did.
  • tauten He could not see inside, for the shade was drawn well to the bottom; but he could hear as distinctly as though he were at the table beside the two men-and at the first words, the loose, disjointed frame of Larry the Bat seemed to tauten curiously and strain forward lithe and tense.
  • testing By testing normal children, it is established that certain tasks can be performed at certain ages.
  • toasting The unexpected reappearance of their young banking acquaintance sent her scurrying as fast as her palsied legs could carry her back to the kitchen, where her husband sat luxuriously smoking and toasting his feet at the roaring little stove.
  • wasting The attack was made against Marion's opinion, who blamed Sumter afterwards for wasting the lives of his men.
  • Aston The counsel for the prisoner were Mr. Ford, Mr. Morton, and Mr. Aston.
  • Dusting Now, you move the brush away from you as if you were sweeping the floor or dusting the board.
  • Hasting The captors and their prey Are hasting;-we, they have wronged, are standing still.
  • Pasting Seated at tables ranged along one side of the apartment women are busily occupied in pasting on labels or encasing the necks of bottles in gold or silver foil, whilst elsewhere men, seated on three-legged stools in front of smoking caldrons of molten sealing-wax of a deep green hue, are coating the necks of other bottles by plunging them into the boiling fluid.
  • Tasking Is it not strange, said Hilda, evading the question, that Belsta, and Heidr, and Hulla of old, the wolf-riders, the men-devourers, could win to the uttermost secrets of galdra, though applied only to purposes the direst and fellest to man, and that I, though ever in the future,-I, though tasking the Nornas not to afflict a foe, but to shape the careers of those I love,-I find, indeed, my predictions fulfilled; but how often, alas!
  • Dustin But he smiled when Mrs. Jerry Dustin said, 'Good morning, Tony.
  • tastier Our soldiers, returning home, are going to demand a tastier and more diversified fare than many of them enjoyed before they put on khaki and went overseas; and they are going to get it, too.
  • delimitated
  • delimitates