What is the correct spelling for TATTOOOS?

If you find yourself misspelling "tattooos", worry not- there are simple solutions. The correct spelling is "tattoos", with one "o" in the second syllable. A quick fix is to remember the rule of "one 'o' between two 't's". Alternatively, you can consult a reliable dictionary or use grammar-checking tools to avoid this misspelling.

Correct spellings for TATTOOOS

  • tattoo I have a tattoo of my cat on my ankle.
  • Tattooed My best friend has tattooed her favorite quote on her wrist.
  • tattooer I love getting tattooed by my favorite tattooer.
  • tattooers Tattooers require precision in their work to create intricate designs on the skin.
  • tattooist My daughter loves getting tattoos, she's a tattooist!
  • Tattoos Some people get tattoos to express themselves and others get tattoos to cover up a previous tattoo.