What is the correct spelling for TATTOS?

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Correct spellings for TATTOS

  • darts After a little study of their vague darts they proved to be fish.
  • tatter He had a Rooster for a crew, while Tatter , the rag doll with one shoe button eye, was Captain.
  • tattoo There, in the long, empty days and sleepless nights, the "why" of things played in and out of his brain like a devil’s tattoo .
  • tatty Mr. Tighe, or "Tatty," as he was familiarly called by his few intimates, was of a retiring disposition, a lover of books and of solitude.
  • titus The Mountain-king Titus had this advantage, he despised the world, and let it be so understood; the man who does this the world runs after.
  • watts Volts X amperes watts .
  • Dittos The thyroid and the adrenals are mutually stimulating-when the thyroid oversecretes, the adrenal dittos, and vice versa.
  • Tattoos He was very proud of the new yin and yang tattoos on his respective biceps.
  • Tatties Another one was constructed entirely of fine roots, like the khus-khus used for tatties, and plastered over like the former with cobwebs.
  • Tastes There are, again, men who are not of our kind, men whose tastes are not ours.
  • Torts But the whole thickness of some learned counsel's treatise upon Torts did not screen him satisfactorily.
  • tutors The aunt, with her excess of money, intervened with special tutors and home-school teachers.
  • dates The town appears very ancient, and naturally so, as it dates back to the eleventh century.
  • totters Then the image above, unsettled and shaken by his fall, sways, totters and crushes upon him.
  • autos Absorbent cotton I was able to procure in small rolled packages from the draper, and promising to send the boys down in the afternoon with a small band cart, I returned home, without having observed anything abnormal save the frequent passage of autos towards Paris-all going top speed and loaded with the queerest occupants and baggage.
  • tattles Them as tittle-tattles about dead folks needn't look to lie quiet theirselves in their graves.
  • TADS Gently shunted into a glass jar, these surprising tads accepted the new environment with quiet philosophy; and when I reached the laboratory and transferred them again, they dignifiedly righted themselves in the swirling current, and hung in mid-aquarium, waiting-forever waiting.
  • TOTS They read from books, pointed out different countries and cities on the map, and did sums on the blackboard, and the teacher had no time to look at the little tots on the right.
  • TUTS "Tuts, ye foolish boy," replied his mother, plying away at her wheel.
  • NATO'S
  • TARTS The landlord grows his own vegetables-every householder in Fleeceborough has an ample garden-and produces the fruit from his own orchards for the tarts.
  • TATERS She might have given me at least some taters and gravy.
  • TATS What's become of those Klick-i-tats?
  • TEATS Some cows are peculiarly subject to sore teats.
  • TOTES Every man up-bound totes as much o' it as he kin carry.
  • touts To learn what horse he was playing and at what odds, racing touts and runners for other book-makers and individual speculators leaped into the mob that surrounded him, and then, squirming their way out, ran shrieking down the line.
  • tarots
  • taros It consisted of pigeon, chickens, taros , and yams, but poor Mataafa, who had previously adjourned for evening service, could not share the birds because it was a fast day.
  • tutus As a matter of fact it is the same verb "tueor" that is used both as a passive and as a deponent, and "tutus" or "tuitus" may be used indifferently at the pleasure of the writer.
  • toots Lily put on a cream-white cashmere gown which had seen its best days, noticed that the skirt was soiled, and said with Mr. Toots that it was of no consequence.
  • tattooers Among the former, professional tattooers go about from tribe to tribe with rude but effective instruments, and operate upon the Maoris, male and female, with great adroitness and considerable artistic skill.
  • titters Before she was quite dressed, her belt not yet adjusted, in fact, the bell rang in three titters and a prolonged grill.
  • tatters They got off, however, and, gaining the shelter of the Cro' Martin wood, they managed to escape at last, and reached this about six o'clock, their clothes in tatters , their horses lamed, and themselves lamentable objects of fatigue and exhaustion.
  • air-cooling
  • air-cools
  • aircondition
  • airconditioned
  • detainings
  • detrained
  • detrudes
  • dis-hearten
  • inter-mingles

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