What is the correct spelling for TAUGH?

If you've mistakenly spelled "taugh", there are a few words that might have been intended. "Tough" means strong or resilient, while "taught" refers to being educated or instructed. "Torch" signifies a handheld light source and "taughth" is a variant of the word "taught". Always double-check spelling to avoid confusion.

Correct spellings for TAUGH

  • aught I don't remember aught about that conversation.
  • Caught The police caught the thief.
  • dough I am going to make some homemade pizza dough tonight.
  • Hugh He went to Hugh's for breakfast.
  • laugh I like to laugh at silly jokes.
  • naught Despite her best efforts, the lawyer's argument was for naught as the judge delivered a guilty verdict.
  • Pugh
  • taegu I am from Taegu.
  • tag I forgot to put a tag on my luggage, so it got lost at the airport.
  • tagh
  • taiga The taiga is a vast coniferous forests biome.
  • tau I have a tau cross necklace.
  • taught I taught my dog how to do tricks.
  • taupe She was clad in a pale taupe dress.
  • TAUS
  • taut The rope was taut as we pulled the heavy crate up the stairs.
  • though Though I studied hard for the exam, I still didn't do very well.
  • touch I love the touch of the sun on my skin.
  • tough I'm not the type of person who takes crap from anyone, especially tough guys.
  • trough After a long day of hiking, the group found a delightfully cool and refreshing trough.
  • tug The boat began to tug against the ropes as the current grew stronger.
  • tush I accidentally sat on my friend's tush while reaching for the popcorn.
  • Ugh I couldn't stomach the thought of eating that ugh breakfast food.
  • waugh