What is the correct spelling for TAWNNA?

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Correct spellings for TAWNNA

  • anna What if he were now getting right in behind the war, after a fashion, and at the same time into the darkest kind of revolution or rebellion against the power of President Paredes, in company with that wonderful adventurer, General Santa Anna , and all the desperate characters of Mexico?
  • dana He had been to Mr. Dana and begged the shears, receiving the promise that he should have them left to him in Mr. Dana 's will.
  • dawn So, of course, I was silent; and Carpenter went and sat at the window again, and watched the dawn .
  • donna During the course of conversation, Donna Clara mentioned a serious loss which had occurred to her of a small case of jewels.
  • duenna The duenna in the coffee-coloured dress and with paint on her cheeks, is the wife of Blumenbach, the banker, who lends money to the spendthrift young aristocrats, and, consequently, knows all that is going on in high society.
  • manna I s'pose you yeard of the people of Israel and how they were fed in the wilderness with manna and quail.
  • tan At that moment the man in the tan flight jacket reached the scene.
  • taney After ascertaining that Duane, the Secretary of the Treasury, would not be his tool in that service, he, in the language of that officer, "concentrating in himself the power to judge and execute, to absorb the discretion given to the Secretary of the Treasury, and to nullify the law itself," proceeded at once to remove him, and to raise Roger B. Taney from the office of Attorney-General to that of Secretary of the Treasury, for the sole object of availing himself of an instrument subservient to his purposes.
  • tanner He couldn't spare a tanner for gate money, and he's going to stop at home and say his prayers, little dear, because football's wicked, and he's got to get ready for the Sabbath day.
  • tarn She was in the midst of a description of one of their walking expeditions-an attempt to reach a lovely tarn in the heart of the hills.
  • tawney But to the churches Nello would go: most often of all would he go to the great cathedral; and Patrasche, left without on the stones by the iron fragments of Quentin Matsys's gate, would stretch himself and yawn and sigh, and even howl now and then, all in vain, until the doors closed and the child perforce came forth again, and winding his arms about the dog's neck would kiss him on his broad, tawney -colored forehead, and murmur always the same words: "If I could only see them, Patrasche!
  • tawny In that supreme moment a vision swam before him; a vision of a mountain stream backed by tawny foothills, and a girl as beautiful as even this Phyllis who had wrapped him in her arms...
  • tinny A tinny voice said with formal cordiality that he did, indeed.
  • tonne Well I don't know how many pounds make up a tonne, Of all the nobel prizes that I've never won, – The Mayor Of Simpleton by XTC
  • town Sometimes I'm in the mood, I'm gonna make a change in this here town Sometimes I'm in the mood, I'm gonna change the world around – BABY, I'M IN THE MOOD FOR YOU by Bob Dylan
  • townee
  • townie By not being in a hurry to challenge, and keeping his ears open while a conversation of the confidentially-affectionate kind was going on between a Dutchman-a fellow employed in the booking-office at the railway, on whom I've had my eye for some little time past-and his sweetheart, my townie found out for himself something that most of us knew before, and something else that we wanted to know particularly badly...."
  • tuna Y voy haceeeer una fortuna Pa guardarlo en una lata de tuna – Algo Con Sentido by Calle 13
  • tunny His speech was not only elegant and ready for purposes of mere business, like the ordinary oratory which will in the public market-place, Lash as a wounded tunny does the sea, but on every other occasion shows itself Dried up and perished with the want of wit; but even in his younger days he addicted himself to the study, simply for its own sake, of the liberal arts; and when advanced in years, after a life of conflicts, he gave his mind, as it were, its liberty, to enjoy in full leisure the refreshment of philosophy; and summoning up his contemplative faculties, administered a timely check, after his difference with Pompey, to his feelings of emulation and ambition.
  • Janna
  • Deanna In September 1997, Cardiff debuted with the album Judy Garland (Youre Never Home) which included Deanna Knight, Tom Murray, Danny Michel, Joel Stouffer, Paul Mathew and Catherine Cardiff.
  • Tanya
  • Tina Turn the Tina , gotta move the Mina – Attack Of The Name Game by stacy lattisaw
  • Danny On sunday night it's danny On monday maybe manny – Everybody's Girl by Unknown Author
  • Tonia
  • Wanna Sing distinctly? We don't wanna Buy our album, we're Nirvana – Smells Like Nirvana by weird al yankovic
  • Hanna
  • Dianna
  • Tania Madge may stay to look after Tania .
  • Taine "The generous wine of Fielding," says Taine , "in Smollett's hands becomes brandy of the dram-shop."
  • TENN T. A. Smith, 7 Tenn C. M. H. Soper, 5 Ind.
  • dis-pleasing

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