What is the correct spelling for TBUY?

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Correct spellings for TBUY

  • bay He's driven to bay now!
  • bey With this reply Feriz Bey left the castle.
  • boy Boy, boy , can't you see?
  • bud Phillis, sewing by her little table in the far corner, kept guard over a large bed, where, curled up like a rose-bud, flushed and warm, lay that beautiful child whom Christian had thought of twenty times a day for the last fortnight.
  • buoy For Josiah Barclay had seized a life-buoy, and throwing off his coat, boldly plunged in after the first man had set an example.
  • bur My silver and china are nothing remarkable, bur as long as the food's right that doesn't matter.
  • but But what did she mean, about you?
  • buy We want to buy right.
  • by "I'll tell you all about it by and by .
  • obey Perhaps, if we ever come to obey the law of love on earth, the mystery of death will be taken away."
  • ruby She had her eye at the keyhole, and fancied that she detected the hated form of her aunt robed in ruby velvet.
  • tabby Dot asked Cousin Tabby .
  • tau The supposed sign of the tau rolled in sight again, as Heraklas shifted the papyrus.
  • taut At last, when over-taut, they loosen without breaking and resume their original form.
  • tidy You are a tidy little girl.
  • tiny They missed their tiny comfortable houses and shivered with the cold.
  • toby The boy put down the Toby and walked slowly and solemnly toward them.
  • tory He was raised up to save the Tory party, if they would have consented to be saved by him; for, had he lived, he would have continued gradually to yield to the advancing spirit of the age, and kept them in power many years.
  • tour It was the least, the Tour felt, that she could do.
  • tout Ainsi, rassurez-vous, je ne trahirai pas monsieur de Flavigneul; tout ce que je vous demande, c'est de ne pas m'abandonner ...
  • toy This little toy of mine can be real ugly when it gets mad.
  • tray Bet was only too happy to be of use, and hurried down stairs at once for the tray .
  • trey
  • troy Before me lies the glorious Plain of Troy , traversed from the south-east to the north-west by the Scamander, which has changed its bed since ancient times.
  • true I suppose that was true of us all.
  • try So I thought I'd let him try .
  • tub "Somebody's let the tub run over, and it's about ten feet deep!
  • tuba He walked and walked for at least a week, until he came to a place where they sold tuba .
  • tubby "Or money," put in Tubby .
  • tube Stamens 5, united in the form of a tube .
  • tug "Neither of you need worry about that," Tug said.
  • tum Tunc ego arundinea redimitus tempora vitta Antiquo fruar imperior iustisque triumphis: Tum demum Cloacina meos foedissima fluctus Desierit temerare, et puro flumine labens Camus ad Oceanum volvetur amabilis amnis.
  • tun It seemed to him as if the rocks grew over his head, always higher and higher: the tun made a slight swinging, but he felt it, like a fall-a fall in sleep, that shock in the blood.
  • Bub What can be the meaning of this outrageous hub-bub?
  • Tony Steve Jarrold, you and Tony are elected to that job, and you'd better get a move on.
  • Tue
  • Tut
  • Ty
  • Abby And suddenly, she heard spoken by a mocking voice at the back of her brain: "You look at least ten years older than Abby ."
  • Tu
  • tubs The trawls were neatly coiled in tubs made by sawing flour barrels in two, and as fast as they were baited with pieces of herring they were carefully coiled into another tub, that they might run out quickly without snarling when being set.
  • TBS
  • BTU
  • BU
  • TBA
  • EBAY
  • TAUS What troubled him was only the consciousness that he had given her and innocent little Taus every reason to curse their meeting.

4 words made from the letters TBUY

  • 3 letter words made from TBUY:

    but, buy, tub.
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