What is the correct spelling for TEP?

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Correct spellings for TEP

  • hep He just couldn't possibly get hep -that was all.
  • pep It's good slipping along the road, and the trip may have a little pep for you, after all.
  • rep Rep curtains over Nottingham lace hung from the two windows.
  • step Then he stood off a step or two and studied Maude's make up.
  • tap Another tap , and lo!
  • te To ease his mind still further he glared insolently at Fred, and then at Polycarp Jenks te -heeing a few chairs away.
  • tea Athena and Hew would think, if they thought of her at all, that she had stayed on for tea with Mabel Digby....
  • ted It's the same thing that my father used to say to me: "Play fair, Ted -and then if you lose, why, you must grin and bear it."
  • tee They sing with more cheer than harmony, their love-song being a sharp penetrating tee -tee-tee-tee-tee.
  • temp Chappell suggests he was 'Old Cole,' a cloth-maker of Reading temp .
  • ten For about ten days President Loubet was unable to find a leader who could in turn form a cabinet.
  • tet The Master's next words were in the language of the desert: "Hadratak tet kal'm Arabi?"
  • tip To tilt or tip is to throw out of a horizontal position by raising one side or end or lowering the other; the words are closely similar, but tilt suggests more of fluctuation or instability. Slant and slope are said of things somewhat fixed or permanent in a position out of the horizontal or perpendicular; the roof slants, the hill slopes. Incline is a more formal word for tip , and also for slant or slope. To cant is to set slantingly; in many cases tip and cant might be interchanged, but tip is more temporary, often momentary; one tip s a pail so that the water flows over the edge; a mechanic cants a table by making or setting one side higher than the other. A vessel careens in the wind; lists, usually, from shifting of cargo, from water in the hold, etc. Careening is always toward one side or the other; listing may be forward or astern as well. To heel over is the same as to careen, and must be distinguished from "keel over," which is to capsize.
  • top I have seen you brave on the plains, and you will be as brave on the mountain top .
  • Tex Headland was thankful when at length the boat glided into the Tex , and ran alongside the quay.
  • Tel So you enlisted in the Grenadiers, and you got straight to Tel -el-Kebir; and that's the clasp, and not the only one!
  • TSP 2. Mix 1 tsp.
  • TWP
  • YEP Yep; the good ship Pelican brought it yesterday, and it's due again next summer!
  • activenesses

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