What is the correct spelling for TGRIED?

If you find yourself mistyping "tgried" frequently, here are a few alternative suggestions you could consider: tried, tired, fried, tiger, trigger, trader, tiered or triage. Checking the context or using autocorrect tools can help you identify the correct word and prevent further misspellings.

Correct spellings for TGRIED

  • agreed I have agreed to help my friend move this weekend.
  • Cried She cried herself to sleep after the breakup.
  • dried I hung the clothes on the line to be dried by the sun.
  • greed She has a fierce greed for power.
  • grid I need to grid my drawings before I print them out.
  • Tared I always forget to tared my clothes before I go out.
  • Tarred The truck was tarred after being involved in a accident.
  • Tarried Esther tarried outside in the cold weather for hours.
  • taxied The airplane taxied down the runway, preparing for takeoff.
  • tired I am really tired after travelling all day.
  • treed The bear was treed by the hounds and stayed at the top of the tree until the hunters arrived.
  • triad The three monkeys are on a triad.
  • tried I tried to make the sauce myself, but I'm not sure if I did it right.
  • trued The wheel had to be trued before it could be balanced.