What is the correct spelling for THAHK?

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Correct spellings for THAHK

  • accouch
  • activize
  • activized
  • activizes
  • ak He would have admonished, except that Mai-ak told a story well; besides, Mai-ak was a great hunter.
  • ark The citizen who observed the intense blackness of the night comes to his window again, and notes the steady falling of the rain, and in his reverie pretends to regret that it is not possible for the water to come up until his house will float away like an ark, that he may get rid of living in a place where the nights are so dark and wet that he cannot sleep for thinking of them.
  • auk When you next see my prince, good Auk, tell him that all my love is his, and I'll await his coming though he remain a thousand years."
  • did ones own volition
  • go direct
  • hack He cost a hundred dollars six months back; in England, for a park hack, he would be worth three fourths as many pounds.
  • hag Whether in the bewilderment of her terror, or out of sheer force of habit, the foremost of the women, a hideous wrinkled hag, to whom the question seemed in particular addressed, replied- "We know not, father; we know not-" "Ha!
  • haiku You ought to see the jacknape skipping out of the room when the geisha came into it the other night,-I don't like his trying to deceive us, but if one were to point it out for him, he would deny it or say it was the Russian literature or that the haiku is a half-brother of the new poetry, and expect to hush it up by twaddling soft nonsense.
  • haj I expressed myself extremely obliged to the Haj.
  • hake 2.30 P.M. At 2.30 P.M., soon after the repulse of Hake and Atkinson, Burnside, having just witnessed the signal failure of a fourth assault on Longstreet, sent an urgent order to Franklin to renew his attack.
  • hakka
  • hark O hark to the haunting chorus of the capstan and the bars!
  • hawk Now the wings of death stretched over the entire caravan like a hawk over a flock of doves.
  • ithaca At Ithaca and in the mountains of North Carolina I have found both forms appearing at the same season, and thus far have been unable to detect the differences noted by Plowright in the volva.
  • most tundra
  • oak He got up, alert, calm, quiet, and moved swiftly towards the cheap oak dresser.
  • shack Once well away from the shack, she ran.
  • Shaka Accordingly Iname took the image of Shaka and established it in a house of his own, which he created a temple, and worshipped it.
  • shake Shake my clothes and see if they aren't full of it.
  • shaky They're shaky on grammar, and their manners could stand a little polish, but aside from that they're exactly like the people you've lived among all your life.
  • shark We've thieves and crooks upon our books, And all the nimble-fingered gentry; The buccaneer is harboured here, The "shark" has instant entry.
  • tack All the way up the Wieker Bodden we had to tack.
  • tacky I'd see you hanged fust, said I; I wouldn't touch that are dead tacky hand o' yourn' for half a million o' hard dollars, cash down without any ragged eends; and with that, I turned to run out, but Lord love you I couldn't run.
  • tag I see I have page after page in my journal of attempts to describe the Taj Mahal and its gardens, and now I find them very difficult to understand; so I think it would not be wise to try to put them down here, at the end of rather a rag-tag journal-to try to describe perhaps the most perfectly beautiful thing in the world.
  • take It would take my life and make me do what it wanted, not what I wanted.
  • teak It was teak and magnificent.
  • th I was just th-thinking that, from now on, I'll never be anything but a l-l-lady.
  • thai He had never been Thai.
  • thane Thane glanced at the "absolute" dial of his watch and wondered how long it would keep up.
  • thank Thank you; I don't think I do.
  • tharp
  • thatch Gale looked up from beneath his thatch of brow, and asked, quietly: "Why?"
  • thaw It is difficult not to thaw somewhat in the presence of one whose words and looks make a genial atmosphere for that sensitive plant-youthful vanity.
  • thoth Cambyses nodded his consent, and the old man began to read in a voice far louder than any one could have supposed possible from his infirm appearance "On the fifth day of the month Thoth, I was sent for by the king.
  • thunk Who'd 'a' thunk dat Brer Fox would 'a' come axin' me 'bout dish yer beef, w'ich anybody would er know'd I 'uz a-kyar'n off fer ter save fer 'im, so nobody couldn'tgit it?