What is the correct spelling for THE?

When it comes to misspelling "the", there are a few possible suggestions to ensure correctness. One option is to double-check the spelling before finalizing any piece of writing. Another suggestion is to proofread thoroughly or use spell-check tools, which will automatically correct such errors.

Correct spellings for THE

  • Che Che Guevara was a major figure of the Cuban Revolution.
  • he He ate lunch with his friends at the park.
  • She She loves to play the piano for hours on end.
  • te
  • tee I need to buy a new golf tee before our game on Saturday.
  • th The word "thought" contains the letter "th".
  • thc I have some THC oil for sale.
  • The The rain pattered on The window panes.
  • thea I was looking for my thea ring.
  • Thee "I will love thee always," the romantic man vowed to his lover.
  • Them I left the keys with Jane and told them to give it to you when you come over.
  • then I will also take the chocolate then.
  • Thew He used all his thew to lift the heavy boulder.
  • They They will be able to collect the data soon.
  • thge
  • thhe
  • tho
  • Thu My Thu didn't show up for our meeting.
  • Thy I give thanks for thy guidance and support.
  • tie I always tie my shoelaces before I go out.
  • toe I am wearing my new high heels. They hurt my toe.
  • Tue I am writing to urge you to sign up for the Tue lunchtime meeting.