What is the correct spelling for THEAE?

If you intended to write "theae" but it was misspelled, some potential correct suggestions could be "themes", "these" or perhaps "there". Double-checking your spelling and using context clues can help you determine the right word.

Correct spellings for THEAE

  • tea My mother always makes tea when we come home from school.
  • tee I need a tee for the game tomorrow.
  • Thad I think I saw Thad in the courtyard.
  • thai I love the flavors of Thai cuisine.
  • Than I would rather go out with him than with you.
  • thane In medieval Scotland, the thane was a high-ranking lord or nobleman.
  • Thar The Thar Desert is a very large area in India.
  • That That house is beautiful.
  • thaw I'm going to thaw the meat in the fridge for dinner.
  • The Tony is the new vice president of Associated Students.
  • thea I've always wanted to see Thea paintings.
  • theater I love going to see live theater performances, especially musicals.
  • Thee "I love thee more than words can express," said the poet to his beloved.
  • Their Their first date was at the cinema.
  • Them Them is what I am referring to.
  • theme A family is looking for a new theme for the Christmas party.
  • then I got the book then left.
  • there The horse is there.
  • These I have these shoes that I really need to clean.
  • theta Theta is a Greek letter commonly used to represent angles in math and science.
  • Thew I knew he had thew strength to lift the heavy weights.
  • They They are cleaning up the mess.
  • thieve The store owner installed security cameras to prevent thieve s.
  • three There are three cats hiding under the bed.