What is the correct spelling for THEATS?

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Correct spellings for THEATS

  • accepts gladly
  • accostings
  • accouch
  • activize
  • activized
  • activizes
  • activizing
  • acts with regard to
  • air ships
  • air-cooling
  • am nervous
  • bear expense
  • bearing up under
  • bears up against
  • being given ones due
  • burning hot
  • cheats The man who cheats us shows that he is willing to sacrifice our interests to his.
  • cutting out will
  • did one volition
  • did the washing
  • eats He comes only to the edge, but he eats!"
  • full amounts
  • hats They were enveloped in the broad hats and great cloaks so much worn by the Spanish, and, while they were regarding himself and Inez attentively, seemed anxious to avoid observation.
  • hearts It is going out of ourselves, and taking others into our hearts and lives.
  • heats He must go northward, he said; he wanted not a little bracing for the heats of the autumnal city.
  • holding ridicule
  • holding sale
  • holding the fort
  • in sensiblenesses
  • in thing
  • TATS
  • tears I loose my way in Tears, and cannot find my Feet.
  • TEAS 3209. At what prices do you sell your teas?
  • Thais Take care with your comb, Thais, you are hurting me!
  • That "I don't mean that.
  • thaws You should see the way he thaws out, though.
  • theater To the theater with Lady Bell.
  • theaters He was engaged in one of the vaudeville theaters near here-in the orchestra-and he rented my second story front at six dollars a week.
  • theatres
  • THEES No more shall she make thees thing.
  • Thefts White with passion, his brilliant eyes flaming and dancing with fury, De Courtenay fought like a madman to avenge that blow in the face, while McElroy, flushed and calmer, took with his hands payment for all things,-slighted kindliness, Company thefts, and, above all else, the stolen heart of his one woman.
  • theist Nevertheless, I think that it is open to a Theist to answer, "My object is not to explain the existence of Mind in the abstract, any more than it is my object to explain Existence itself in the abstract-to either of which absurd attempts Mr. Mill's reasoning would be equally applicable;-but I seek for an explanation of my own individual finite mind, which I know to have had a beginning in time, and which, therefore, in accordance with the widest and most complete analogy that experience supplies, I believe to have been caused.
  • theists
  • theta The Greek theta of the former is simply the English w.
  • thetas
  • thews But he was not at all sure; so he stood very still, all his thews flexed, and waited for it to move.
  • threads Curious as to what they were doing, yet fearing to disturb them, I waited where I was till I saw both birds fly to the nest, each with some long threads.
  • threats Anyway, threats aren't business talk, and generally display weakness.
  • throats
  • thwarts Day and night it shot forward, pulled by sturdy arms, half its people sleeping curled between thwarts, the other half manning the paddles, stopping for snatched rations, reading the signs of passing.