What is the correct spelling for THEDATE?

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Correct spellings for THEDATE

  • accepts gladly
  • best-ever
  • Cheated He felt, somehow, cheated by fate.
  • chordate
  • cradle-to-grave
  • cutting out will
  • date I’ll not only keep to English, but I’ll tell you the line to take if you want to remain the up-to-date, bright-as-a-button old lady you are.
  • heated While buried deep in the earth, the decaying vegetation was heated and pressed together by the great weight of the earth above, and was finally changed to shining, black coal.
  • holding out on
  • holding ridicule
  • mediate Auscultation is the act of listening, and may be either mediate or immediate.
  • sedate The journey was made in what Gladys characterized as "style," the style being mainly supplied by Gull in his sedate chauffeur’s uniform.
  • tate They shewed the number of the Psalm In white upon a slate, And many a time the last lines sung Of Brady and of Tate.
  • teat I have lost that which can never be restored; I have seen the sun rise and set for twenty months, an idle gazer on the light of heaven; in this time the birds have left the nest of their mother, and committed themselves to the woods and to the skies; the kid has forsaken the teat, and learned by degrees to climb the rocks in quest of independent sustenance.
  • That Yes, Sir, that is just what it was.
  • theater The man who had thrown the theater-curtain over the Judge's head was asked why he did so; his answer was, that Justice ought to be blind, on such an occasion especially.
  • theaters There are no parks, no theaters in Arkdale or Wermesley.
  • theatre At least, it's rather fun really, and we'll go to the theatre to-night.
  • theft Why the theft of a part of my book?
  • theist Though a Theist, like Bacon, he puts aside final causes.
  • Theodore Theodore Pratt At first they thought the attack was a joke.
  • Thereat It so chaunced that he, with his nauie, came to an anker at Buym, and being readie to departe, hee would haue wayed his ankers, but by no meanes he could not mooue them: being greatly amazed thereat, and looking foorth, he sawe this Neoma sitting on them.
  • theta I do not know what it was, but she was dropped and never bidden into Theta .
  • threat In a few minutes he will be angry, and then- She did not finish the sentence; there was no necessity; Rem knew what unpleasantness the threat implied, and he slipped off his shoes and stole quietly upstairs.
  • throat His throat will be all right.
  • thudded It thudded into the wood of the car over Kurt.