What is the correct spelling for THEEIR?

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Correct spellings for THEEIR

  • cheer As I held his hand, the cheer of a long-forgotten world came over me.
  • e'er Did you see e'er a stranger in this town, Mrs. Delane, or Sergeant Carden, or Mr. Quirke?
  • ether Stimulants, such as alcohol and ether, should be administered.
  • heir The heir discovered another secret which likewise contributed to sober him.
  • other But you won't get any other.
  • sheer I half rose to my feet in sheer joy.
  • tee The frequency with which the drinking of alcoholic liquors leads to impassioned and elevated discussion of great problems in politics, history, dog-breeding, horse-racing, moral philosophy, religion, and kindred important subjects, seems to furnish a strong and hitherto neglected argument against tee-totalism.
  • th 69. 16; C. Th.
  • thai I'm beginning to think you are the one who is not Thai.
  • thea In the midst of them, pressing forward and pressed on by the riot behind, was the Rough Master of Coates, and with him, always hanging a little away and shrinking under her veil, Thea, whose right wrist he grasped in his left hand.
  • theater In the parlor, at the theater, she was the brilliant girl whom all admired and many envied; but in my little room at night she would bury her face in my lap and talk of death, till I moved in a constant atmosphere of dread.
  • theme His theme-'maiestas cognita rerum,'-is too vast and complex to be brought within the compass and proportions of a single work of art.
  • then Then he came to Ruth.
  • theory Here we have the whole theory of value and labour.
  • there 6314. Was Mr. Sandison there?
  • therm
  • thief You might be a businessman or some high degree thief They may call you 'Doctor', they may call you 'Chief' – GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY by Aaron Neville
  • thigh They fitted with never a wrinkle; his boots were up to his thigh! And he rode with a jeweled twinkle-- His rapier hilt a-twinkle-- His pistol butts a-twinkle, under the jeweled sky. – The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes
  • thin So femininely thin, They toil not, they toil not, But oh, how they spin! Oh, how they spin! – Allegro by Unknown Author
  • third and he'd be hurt up pretty badly i must say word up it aint over bone is third up – Video Girl by grits
  • tho Aye, but its mandatory tho' Yo' after me let shorey go – It's All Right by fabolous
  • thor Throw out Christ and bring back Thor? Do you want total war? – Ave Satanas (1996 version) by acheron
  • three Now wot I wants to know is, why it wasn't me was took? I've only got meself, 'e stands for three. I'm plainer than a louse, while 'e was 'andsome as a dook; 'E always WAS a better man than me. – My Mate by Robert W. Service
  • tier Here's one for the bleachers and the upper tier versatile all temp-a-cheer If you wanna drink call Mr. Belvedere run this rap game like a brigadier – Triple Trouble by beastie boys
  • Her
  • Thar
  • The four Noblemen bearing a canopy, under which the Duchess of Norfolk, godmother, bearing the child richly habited in a mantle, &c., train borne by a Lady; then follows the Marchioness Dorset, the – King Henry VIII: Act V, scene V by Unknown Author
  • Thee Live in thy shame, but die not shame with thee! These words hereafter thy tormentors be! – King Richard II: Act II, scene I by Unknown Author
  • Their We'll make their Spirits soar! – Our Finest Dreams by Unknown Author
  • Them Not a silk gown shall once melt one of them, Nor the delights of a transparent gemme. – In Rufum. Catul. Ep. 64 by Richard Lovelace
  • These 'Twere politic to do the like by these; But was there ever dog that praised his fleas? – To A Poet, Who Would Have Me Praise Certain Bad Poets, Imitators Of His And Mine by William Butler Yeats
  • Thew
  • They All times, how they Are lost i' th' sea Of vast eternity:-- Where never moon shall sway – Eternity by Robert Herrick
  • This And thus devised,--do thou but this, --Bequeath to me one parting kiss! – TO DIANEME by Robert Herrick
  • Thy will prove a cockney. I prithee now, ungird thy strangeness and tell me what I shall vent to my – Twelfth Night: Act IV, scene I by Unknown Author
  • Thu
  • Meier
  • THUR
  • THEES Thee knowledge of thees tr-rail ees of mucho less cost than thee customs that you an' me like so leetle.
  • theirs From Derry to Bundrowas Tower, Tirconnell broad was theirs; Spearmen and plunder, bards and wine, and holy Abbot's prayers; – Abbey Assaroe by William Allingham
  • they're
  • shier
  • accepts loan of
  • most insuppressible