What is the correct spelling for THENT?

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Correct spellings for THENT

  • am ones fate
  • bent He bent down and kissed her, and neither of them ever remembered exactly what they said.
  • cent I have never asked him for a cent for myself, and I won't now.
  • dent To the care of her sister Patty, and of her widowed brother, Judge Dent, Mrs. Gordon had consigned her child; and transplanted so early to her uncle's house, the orphan knew no other home.
  • gent He seen a gent coming.
  • ghent Ghent, which was second only in importance to Antwerp, rose almost immediately, turned out the Catholic authorities, and declared in favour of the prince.
  • hint No words of mine can give more than a hint of what those preparations meant in the scene of war.
  • hunt That it's all a mystery for us to find out, and I was going to hunt it up when you stopped me, ma'am.
  • kent It was at the end of a dull March day that Horace Graham, just arrived from Kent, made his way to his aunt's house in Westminster.
  • lent I don't see how the prisoners could have lent a hand."
  • pent And all the pent-up feeling of years rushed forth in concentrated energy, and was borne to her ears in the sound of that one word.
  • rent She dropped her hand upon the little box, and in another moment or two a rent opened in the smooth-worn stretch of rock above the fall.
  • sent He has sent it back and I will keep my word.
  • tend These interviews must tend to excite him-his pulse is less regular than it was, sir.
  • tenet It may exhibit, with more or less fidelity, some tenet of a creed, or even some phase of virtue; but it can possess only a type and shadow of that universal unity which is the destiny of the church.
  • tent They stopped running and peered cautiously around the tent.
  • Than
  • thane "That's it, then," Thane said.
  • That
  • theft The discovery of the theft by the King's messenger is much more widely spread.
  • theist
  • then
  • thence
  • theta
  • they'd
  • thin
  • Thine Thou shalt lose because of thine own self the greatest of all treasures.
  • thing
  • threat
  • tint
  • tnt
  • Trent
  • vent
  • Went