What is the correct spelling for THENY?

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Correct spellings for THENY

  • athena Mrs. Kaye, looking grimly after her, believed that Athena Maule had seen her, and, having the grace to be ashamed, had blushed.
  • athene And then the Dragon said, 'Yes, shut it,' to Athene.
  • deny She's too much afraid of not telling the truth to deny it in her letter.
  • hen I'll bate ye two chanies, Hen, that I know what ye've got fur dinner!
  • sheeny Didn't you hear me tell that old sheeny I was going to beat him to it?
  • taney He experienced some difficulty in getting a secretary of the treasury who would take such a step; finally he found one in Taney.
  • teen Teen-age boys and girls link arms, and Roller-skate on the paved streets, Shoulders touching; and laughter like a living thing between them.
  • teeny "Well-we-we had some paint left over from our flag, and we put just a little teeny bit of it on his hair and-" "Ha!"
  • ten Why then had he put off seeing Dick till ten o'clock?
  • thane He glanced across at Thane, strapping his couch belts at the other side of the compartment.
  • thank Thank you, I-I've been here before.
  • thea "Ah, yes-call me Thea!
  • then Then will you see about it all, Dick?
  • thence Thence came ruin and defeat.
  • theory His theory of the State is that of the Cultur-Staat, in distinction from the Polizei-Staat, and the Rechts-Staat.
  • thin But if there was any, it was an end so thin that it broke off.
  • thing One thing he could do.
  • think I didn't think it possible.
  • thinly The round face before him broke into a smile, at the same time becoming thinly veiled by the smoke of a light cigar.
  • thong The thong whistled through the air over the drover's head and came forward.
  • thorn Would a stone leave a handkerchief clinging to a thorn?
  • thorny It is usually placed low down in a thorny bush.
  • thunk The dreams I dreamed, the dilly thorts I thunk Is up the pole, an' joy 'as done a bunk.
  • tiny "Ted, it isn't like us," she said gently, using the phrase that so many times, in the days to come, kept me steady on my feet and my face in the clouds-"it isn't like us to-to doubt each other even in tiny things.
  • when "That's just when I don't like them," he replied.
  • Than They know all about it, much more than you do.
  • The An' you can see the 'orses.
  • Thee Tell me, little Lot, is there no room for the old husband here with thee?
  • Their If I tell the truth,-they will do what is right in their own eyes.
  • Them And she wanted to be like them.
  • Thew Nick, larger than his brother, was a tower of thew and muscle.
  • They They never find out.
  • Thine "Thine uncle is very angry," he said.
  • Thy Sir Edward of Over-Seas and I, the Lady Grey Eyes, shall be ever at thy side.
  • Tony It's the most wonderful glorious thing-" "Ah, but then you're so young," he always expected his companions to say; and the thing that pleased him most of all was to hear some one declare-"Tony Gale's such a puzzle-sometimes he seems only eighteen and then suddenly he's fifty."
  • Chen "Sun Chen, your venerated sire, will become an agile grasshopper; your incomparable grandfather, Yuen, will have the similitude of a yellow goat; as a tortoise your leisurely-minded ancestor Huang, the high public official-" "Forbear!"
  • Cheney Yet it was with a sense of triumph and relief, rather than with tenderness and rapture, that the young woman meditated upon the situation-triumph over other women who had shown a decided interest in Mr Cheney, since his arrival in the place more than eighteen months ago, and relief that the dreaded role of spinster was not to be her part in life's drama.
  • Thanh The Refugees is a 2017 short story collection by Viet Thanh Nguyen.
  • thins This is closely united with the chief mass of the bone which represents the radius, and runs out into a slender shaft which may be traced for some distance downwards on the back of the radius, and then in most cases thins out and vanishes.
  • TENN Walker was born in 1824, in Nashville, Tenn.
  • they'd Not one in a thousand could understand and meet one half-way-" "They'd be liable to go farther," Kent assented dryly.
  • thingy We inherit it, all rounded in its perfection, consummate in its charms, but it is finished, and what can we do about a thing that is finished I Doesn't it seem that we are back in the old position of Isabella d'Este-eager, predatory, and "thingy"?

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