What is the correct spelling for THEOPY?

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Correct spellings for THEOPY

  • chop I would like to chop their heads off, all; so I would. Shoot it or pop it, roll it, bag it or chop it It'll get you high over and over but you gotta' cop it – Never Enough by Eminem
  • choppy It was little more than a cart track, and they plunged and swayed like a boat on a choppy sea, the wheels now mounting the bank at a dangerous angle in the uncertain light of the dawn.
  • copy I got a copy of it.
  • heap This action goes on at the surface of the heap , where it is most fully exposed to the air.
  • hep At the door stood the man named Hep , evidently keeping guard.
  • hoop I will now call upon our merry friend the Hoop , to give us his experiences in life."
  • hop "I'm a thinkin' it tante a rael gentleman that's proud, but only a hop .
  • hope I hope I am not keeping you?
  • hopi Hopi Joe gave his tribal dances around a fire built in the plaza.
  • ropy Dollops, who was rather proud of the achievement, carried with him a full supply of ready-cut papers and a big collapsible tube of the viscid, ropy , varnish-like glue.
  • shop I oughtn't to be talking shop over the dinner-table."
  • tharp Suppose his wife were to die! It happened sometimes; the wife of John Tharp of Bletchingham had died in giving birth to her tenth child!
  • thea "Who is there?" she asked, so quickly that Thea looked up startled.
  • then Then he stopped with a jerk.
  • theory Whichever theory we care to embrace, the broad fact is generally admitted that the gods are the products of ignorance and fear.
  • therapy And if, on the other hand, they found a body of actual fact substantiating Psycho-therapy they would do well to add courses therein to the discipline of their schools.
  • tho Mithith Farquhar ith very fond of Mithith Barton, and ith quite dithtrethed that she should athothiate with thuch a woman, tho she attacked him on the thubject purpothly.
  • thor The great salmon struggled, but Thor held it fast by the tail, and finally flung it out upon the bank.
  • thorny All the nests, which are small and less ornamented than those of P. peregrinus, were placed from 3 to 4 feet from the ground, in a small common thorny scrub.
  • thorpe "I did it quite thoughtlessly, my dear Mrs. Thorpe .
  • thou I knew thou wouldest be uneasy for me.
  • thump I can feel it thump ."
  • top Lutie rejoined her at the top of the steps.
  • topi And they are so, Topi , Umba, Umbela, Tomnai, Tomsi, Tomsela, Tomnanxi.
  • whop
  • Heep An heep of heremytes Henten hem spades, And kitten hir copes, And courtepies hem maked, And wente as werkmen With spades and with shoveles And dolven and dikeden, To dryve awey hunger.
  • Sepoy And the British Government, when established, has so carefully avoided offence to caste or creed that on one great occasion only, the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, have the smouldering fires of credulous fanaticism broken out against our rule.
  • The 16, 17 Arminians, the, v.
  • Thee "Only at dinner time Max was speaking of thee!
  • Their The boys looked their astonishment.
  • Them Father does not know them.
  • Thew In the struggle which is going on now, your heart and soul should be with us and against Jocelyn Thew ."
  • They What did they want?
  • Thy I am proud to be thy father."
  • they'd "I believe they'd come!

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