What is the correct spelling for THEY?

When mistakenly spelling "they", some useful alternatives can clarify your intended meaning. You could try "their" for possessive usage, "there" for indicating a location or "these" to refer to a specific group or items. Utilizing the correct form ensures effective communication and avoids any confusion.

Correct spellings for THEY

  • Hey Hey, would you mind passing me the salt please?
  • The The sun was setting behind The mountains, casting a golden glow over The landscape.
  • thea
  • Thee I dedicate this love poem to thee, my dearest.
  • Them I saw them walking together in the park.
  • then I will finish my homework first, then I can join my friends for the movie.
  • Thew
  • They They were thrilled to hear that They got the job.
  • they'd They'd always wanted to go on a road trip together.
  • thge There is no word "thge" in the English language.
  • Thy Thy love for me is unconditional.
  • trey He threw the trey in the basket, winning the game for his team.
  • whey I put a scoop of whey protein powder in my smoothie for some extra protein.