What is the correct spelling for THGH?

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Correct spellings for THGH

  • high Deep, while an antonym of high in usage, may apply to the very same distance simply measured in an opposite direction, high applying to vertical distance measured from below upward, and deep to vertical distance measured from above downward; as, a deep valley nestling between high mountains. High is a relative term signifying greatly raised above any object, base, or surface, in comparison with what is usual, or with some standard; a table is high if it exceeds thirty inches; a hill is not high at a hundred feet. That is tall whose height is greatly in excess of its breadth or diameter, and whose actual height is great for an object of its kind; as, a tall tree; a tall man; tall grass. That is lofty which is imposing or majestic in height; we term a spire tall with reference to its altitude, or lofty with reference to its majestic appearance. That is elevated which is raised somewhat above its surroundings; that is eminent which is far above them; as, an elevated platform; an eminent promontory. In the figurative sense, elevated is less than eminent, and this less than exalted; we speak of high, lofty, or elevated thoughts, aims, etc., in the good sense, but sometimes of high feelings, looks, words, etc., in the invidious sense of haughty or arrogant. A high ambition may be merely selfish; a lofty ambition is worthy and noble. Towering, in the literal sense compares with lofty and majestic; but in the figurative sense, its use is almost always invidious; as, a towering passion; a towering ambition disregards and crushes all opposing considerations, however rational, lovely, or holy. Compare STEEP.
  • nigh I've been nigh on to a lifetime longing for you, lad.
  • shah In the measures we adopted to establish the authority of Shah Shoojah, we attempted to carry out a system of government which could only have been made successful by a total revolution in the social condition of the people, and in the relative positions of classes; and as these revolutions are not effected in a few years, the attempt failed.
  • sigh Mrs. Maule gave a slight sigh of relief.
  • th Chimmie Fadden gives us the dialect of the New York Bowery Boy, or "tough," in which the most notable feature is the substitution either of "d" or "t" for "th."
  • thai 3. This seems to have been a favourite epithet in old romances, Thus in Hornchilde, and Maiden Rimuild, Thai sayled ower the flode so gray, In Inglond arrived were thay, Ther him levest ware.
  • thaw When she gave me one cold parting kiss upon my forehead, like a thaw drop from the stone porch-it was a very frosty day-I felt so miserable and self-reproachful that I clung to her and told her it was my fault, I knew, that she could say good-bye so easily.
  • thc To seek for alien succor he gave them time of grace; And nine full months together he sat down before the place, And when thc tenth was coming, to yield it were they fain.
  • thea And Thea threw me over."
  • then Then with a sudden access of her new dignity.
  • thigh When his hungry optics spied it, he stood silently and eyed it, Then he smote his thigh with ecstasy and danced about the floor.
  • thin Just trust to me, thin; only do you be ready for a start directly it's dark, and I'll be keeping a look-out on deck for the chance of one of the Liffy's boats coming near, to let them know that we're aboard."
  • tho Why, yeth, I think tho; unleth they go down.
  • thor It was a "holy" city in Pagan times, containing in those days temples to Odin and Thor, and was especially remarkable for the ceremonies which took place there connected with the worship of these Heathen deities, accompanied by human sacrifice.
  • thoth Thoth, and Athoth, were certainly titles of the Deity in the Gentile world: and the book of Sanchoniathon might very possibly have been from hence named Ethothion, or more truly Athothion.
  • thou If this should be allowed, "O turn thee round," "resolve the doubt," whether thou art conscious of a previous life, and listen to my guardian angel, who will tell thee all about us here.
  • though You must give me time, though.
  • thud Then when it had gone, the lily leaves dropped back one after the other on to the calm water, each with a little thud.
  • thug But I was yellow and a thug .
  • thus Thus he made his escape.
  • Than "Anything's better than this!
  • Thar Most on 'em burnt their toes and fingers off, lightin' on't thar in the white frost, but they stuck it through and saved-wall, the prairie-dogs.
  • That I didn't do that!
  • The The Bishop was right, of course.
  • Thee What will become of thee, my poor boy!"
  • Them "You tell them," he answered.
  • Thew Gun like'iss blow a team o' steers thew a brick house!
  • They "They don't like it," he said.
  • This Come this way with me."
  • Thy I therefore appeal to thee to take me on in thy carriage.
  • Ugh It is all bruised and skinned, and one eye is swollen-ugh!
  • Pugh The shock of his burns and the terrible outer heat was beginning to overpower the commander when Pugh, the third officer, untouched by fire, appeared from below.
  • Hugh Hugh Horry and Col.
  • Thu "Thu, thu, thu," and, "I could tell tales," and, "I've been through my share"-from various points of vantage around the speaker.
  • Thad Thad had been hand-in-glove with him since he came to the Wirree River.
  • THUR And Itha was not loth to be won, for the Count was young and handsome, tall and strong, and famous for feats of arms, and a mighty lord-master of the rich straths and valleys of the Thur River, and of many a burgh and district in the mountains beyond; and yet, despite all this, he, so noble and beautiful, loved her, even her, the little Swabian maid who had never deemed herself likely to come to such honour and happiness.
  • HUH Huh, they said he was a fool and didn't know how to figure.
  • thighs Across his long thin thighs lay a Greek newspaper.
  • accouches