What is the correct spelling for THIEFES?

For the misspelling "thiefes", there are a few possible correct suggestions. The correct plural form of "thief" is "thieves", so it's important to correct this error. Other potential alternatives could include "thieves'" or "thiefs'" depending on the context.

Correct spellings for THIEFES

  • chiefs I spoke with the chiefs at the meeting.
  • thebes Thebes is an ancient city in southern Egypt.
  • Thefts Thefts have been on the rise in the neighborhood, making residents concerned about their safety.
  • themes In literature, themes are a main focus of a work.
  • Theses The professor asked the students to submit their theses on the topic of economic growth.
  • thief I caught the thief who stole my purse.
  • thieve
  • Thieved The thief thieved my purse while I was distracted.
  • Thieves The thieves stole my phone and wallet while I was distracted.
  • threes They played a game of threes and the winner received a prize.