What is the correct spelling for THIEFF?

If you meant to type "thief" but mistakenly wrote "thieff", fear not! Here are a few correct suggestions: thief, theft, their, thieve, thee. Our brain occasionally slips, but with these alternatives, your intended word can be communicated accurately. Remember, even the best writers make typographical errors occasionally!

Correct spellings for THIEFF

  • chief The chief of the tribe led his people to victory in battle.
  • theft The theft of his wallet left him stranded and penniless.
  • thief The thief was finally caught and arrested after a long pursuit by the police.
  • thieve The police officer caught the thieve red-handed as he was stealing a purse from the woman's handbag.
  • tiff I got into a tiff with my friend over the last slice of pizza.
  • whiff As the wind changed direction, I caught a whiff of fresh ocean air.