What is the correct spelling for THIERD?

If you mistakenly typed "thierd" instead of "third", fret not! Here are a few possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "third" is the proper spelling for the ordinal number 3rd. Alternatively, you may have intended to write "tired" or "thirst" depending on the context. Spellcheck can be a helpful tool!

Correct spellings for THIERD

  • herd She watched the herd of deer as they grazed in the field.
  • Hied I accidentally stepped on a Hied.
  • Shied I was about to ask her a question, when she shied away from me.
  • there There is no way to know exactly what the future holds.
  • therm The therm is a unit to measure heat energy.
  • thief The thief stole all the money from the cash register.
  • thieve The group of thieves attempted to thieve the priceless artifact from the museum.
  • Thieved The precious jewels were thieved from the museum despite the tight security.
  • third Third is the magic number.
  • thirds I have thirds of this pie.
  • thread Thread is dangling from the ceiling.
  • tied She tied the ribbon around her hair.
  • tier