What is the correct spelling for THLELE?

One possible suggestion for the misspelling "thlele" could be "throttle". The correct spelling of the word refers to a device that controls the flow of air or fuel in an engine. Double-checking the spelling and using an appropriate dictionary can help avoid such misspellings.

Correct spellings for THLELE

  • allele An organism's traits are determined by the combination of alleles inherited from its parents.
  • athlete The athlete worked tirelessly to achieve his dream of winning the championship.
  • thee I humbly beseech thee to grant me thy mercy and forgiveness.
  • theme The theme of the conference was sustainability in business.
  • there I think there is a problem with my computer.
  • these I can't believe all of these delicious desserts are vegan.
  • Thiel Peter Thiel co-founded PayPal and was the first investor in Facebook.
  • thieve
  • thole The sailor used all his strength to push the oar against the thole to move the boat forward.
  • three My sister and I always played basketball together with our three brothers when we were younger.
  • Thule The indigenous people living in Thule, Greenland were known for their hunting skills and innovative technology.
  • tulle The ballerina's tutu was made of layers of frothy tulle.