What is the correct spelling for THROPU?

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Correct spellings for THROPU

  • crop The necessity for these magazines is owing to the precarious character of the crop s,-a peculiarity of which is that there may be an abundance in one locality, and a partial or even total failure of the crop in another, though they may be separated by only a few miles from each other.
  • croup Trousseau had not long before re-invented tracheotomy, and had employed it with considerable success in cases of croup .
  • drop How could she bear to play on a team when three of the members had decided to drop her acquaintance?
  • group The first group of walruses were allowed to pass.
  • prop But this explanation did not seem to satisfy even himself, for he soon went down to the lower end of the hall, and aroused Mrs. Wedge, by throwing the window-prop on the roof of her house.
  • rope A rope is then slowly dragged along over the growing crop in the direction of the net.
  • ropy But I never got half the heart-ripping suspense out of these pastimes that I did out of a certain few party drawings, when I waited for my name to come out and wondered, while I looked across the hall at the girl section, whether I was going to draw the one girl in the world, any one of four or five mighty interesting runners-up, or the fat little girl in the corner with ropy hair and the general look of a person who had had a bright idea a few years before and had been convalescing from it ever since.
  • tharp
  • therapy Tomorrow she would have to begin the intense phase of the therapy .
  • thoreau Your Thoreau I've read, but he don't interest me the way these Rocky Mountain fellows do.
  • thorium So Grant, by this time weary in the shoulders from carrying his equipment, turned down Thorium Avenue toward Nellie's Boarding House.
  • thorpe To Thorpe he accordingly went-as pretty a rustic village as he had hoped to find it.
  • three You need not stir it more than two or three times.
  • throat He opened his lips to speak, but the name did not pass his throat .
  • throb His heart gave a throb of gratitude.
  • throe The last throe of the conflict had come.
  • throes Then she added slyly, "You see, we're in the throes of the great excitement of making a huge pile, for the sheer love of making it.
  • throne At the end of that time Verena occupies my throne .
  • through So, Peggy or no Peggy, I'm going through with it.
  • throw I shall haff one myself, and you shall throw stoanss."
  • thrown Now, it seemed, all that severe effort was to be practically thrown away, but he recognized that his comrade was right.
  • thrum The soft thrum -thrum, vibrating through the melody, found an echo in the whirring wings of all that ephemeral insect life which is abroad on such a night.
  • trap He was prevented from visiting the trap for some two weeks after he had set and placed it; but finally when he did so, he found that one of these noble creatures had been caught by the foot, probably in a few hours after the trap had been left there.
  • trip I wouldn't take a trip like this again for any money.
  • troop No, he's left-he's coming out next month in a troop ship, I hear.
  • trope There the writer plainly enumerates without trope or invective the intolerable burdens under which the great mass of the French people had for long years been groaning.
  • troupe Watch the mummer managerial, Centre of a rev'rent group; Note with what an air imperial He controls his timid troupe .
  • Threw I walked to the door and threw it open.
  • Theron Poor Theron , who has some original ideas on a subject to which he has given years of research and meditation, has been waiting anxiously from month to month to see whether his condensed exposition will find a place in the next advertised programme, but sees it, on the contrary, regularly excluded, and twice the space he asked for filled with the copious brew of Adrastus, whose name carries custom like a celebrated trade-mark.
  • throws Who, however, throws it over to Rosalind, who throws it back with a laugh.

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