What is the correct spelling for THUAT?

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Correct spellings for THUAT

  • chat We entered and had a short chat with each family.
  • ghat "It's a burning ghat," she said.
  • hat Dale took off his hat.
  • heat Briefly, it was as to how to cook the supper without heat.
  • hurt Elizabeth was hurt more by it than by words.
  • hut Nan got quite close to the hut, and listened.
  • shut They went into the little bedroom and the door was shut.
  • tat Now everybody who heard that rat-a-tat-tat-tat knew that it was a danger signal.
  • taut Every muscle was taut and braced as if to resist some sudden attack from outside.
  • teat It is not a poetic conception; it is historic truth:- "And ever and anon the wolf would steal The children and devour; but now and then, Her own brood lost or dead, lent her fierce teat To human sucklings; and the children, housed In her foul den, there at their meat would growl, And mock their foster-mother on four feet, Till, straightened, they grew up to wolf-like men, Worse than the wolves."
  • thai The retreat of the English host, however, may remind us of a passage, in Wintown, when, after mentioning that the Earl of Salisbury raised the siege of Dunbar, to join King Edward in France, he observes, "It was to Scotland a gud chance, "That thai made thaim to werray in France; "For had thai halyly thaim tane "For to werray in Scotland allane.
  • thaw "Warm up, old fellow," he cried; "thaw out, I tell you!
  • thea "My name's only Mork-Thea Mork.
  • theater You pay this afternoon or this theater will be dark to-night.
  • theft She insists that Miss Stevens is guilty of the theft of her bracelet, which disappeared on the night of the dance given by the young men of Weston High School.
  • theta The spot at which I expended so much useless labor has since become well-known as the Theta Mine, one of the best gold producers belonging to the Transvaal Gold Mining Estates Company.
  • thirty Greenland was but thirty miles away.
  • thought "So I thought," she replied.
  • threat "All right, I'll meet you in Miss Archer's office the first thing after chapel," answered Ellen, coolly, ignoring everything save the French girl's final threat.
  • throat He tried to call out, but in his excitement his voice died in his throat, and Larry seized him and held him back.
  • thud A dull thud of chopping is heard, a fearful cry rings out, and a sword dripping with blood is thrust out through the roof.
  • thug After all the goodness shown him, to be obliged to admit that he was a thug.
  • thus Thus the days went on, the weeks, and months, and years.
  • thwart The panic-stricken Government was able to thwart his plebiscitary appeals by re-establishing the scrutin d'arrondissement, or election by small districts instead of by whole departments.
  • tout You're capable de tout....
  • Than If he had, I am afraid that he would have been more in love than ever.
  • Thar Ef Stantin and Ginneral McClellin, and the Kernal and me didn't work hard at stratygims, then thar aint any such word in the dickshinnery.
  • That I-" "That will do!"
  • What What do you mean?
  • Tut I once saw him choke a man-tut!
  • Thu 14. Thu geuuisso man einmuodigo, leido min in cundo min.
  • Thad "Never seen him ride like that before," Thad McNab said.
  • PHAT But phat did th' good ma-an say?
  • THUR I wur under-shepherd thur till I took to factory work.
  • thuds The head, after one or two sickening thuds on the hard road, which must have temporarily stunned the creature, slipped out on the left side, when the momentum of the wheel immediately strung the entire body straight out behind me, where it streamed with all its twenty pounds weight acting as a brake."

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