What is the correct spelling for THUSTY?

For those who mistakenly type "thusty" instead of "thirsty", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions. Remember to quench your thirst with refreshing drinks, hydrate yourself to maintain optimal health or simply reach out for a glass of water. Stay hydrated, stay refreshed!

Correct spellings for THUSTY

  • busty When I wear this top, it makes me look very busty.
  • chesty She complained about feeling chesty, like she had a cold coming on.
  • dusty The old abandoned house had a layer of dusty cobwebs covering every corner.
  • fusty The fusty odor coming from the old books made me sneeze.
  • gusty The wind outside was so gusty that it was knocking over trash cans in the street.
  • hasty Making hasty decisions can lead to costly mistakes.
  • lusty She was once a lusty young woman, but now her body is coated in bruises.
  • musty The musty smell of old books was unbearable.
  • rusty I left my rusty keys in the locker.
  • tasty I think that the apple pie that we ordered is really tasty.
  • testy She was testy when I asked her to clean up her mess.
  • thirsty After running several miles in the hot sun, I felt so thirsty that I drank an entire bottle of water.
  • thirty My dad just turned thirty years old, but he still acts like a teenager sometimes.
  • thrust He thrust the sword into the air as a sign of victory.
  • thus Thus, the company has decided to focus on newer technology.
  • toasty I'm feeling toasty all over!
  • trusty The horse was a trusty companion for the rider.