What is the correct spelling for TI?

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Correct spellings for TI

  • ai ai, ei > i cp. O. Ic. stein, O. N. staein, O. Gtnc.
  • bi In the last lesson we called them bi -valve molluscs, which is only another way of saying "soft-bodied animals with two shells."
  • ci Much they marvelled to see the wealth of the ci -devant blacksmith, All his domains and his herds, and his patriarchal demeanor; Much they marvelled to hear his tales of the soil and the climate, And of the prairies, whose numberless herds were his who would take them; Each one thought in his heart, that he, too, would go and do likewise.
  • gi Gastrointestinal (GI) infection is most often caused by consuming anthrax-infected meat and is characterized by diarrhea, potentially with blood, abdominal pains, acute inflammation of the intestinal tract, and loss of appetite.
  • hi Tsing Hi jolted and whimpered.
  • li "Li bien malade," she whispers, weeping; "he is very ill."
  • mi La Plata County: 1 mi .
  • ni But tell me, Ni , you have never yet said what you were going to be when you grew up.
  • ri Nevertheless I could trace a sort of semblance to that roguish front as it might have seemed in childhood-all ri nglets and innocence, cerulean eye and carmine cheek-the whole encircled by a double row of pearls: Bibi-Ri himself.
  • si Gustave Adolphe, demandez-lui si c'est un port Anglais.
  • ta "Yes; I know; at ta ta y of chutchment," he said.
  • tc Baie-Comeau Water Aerodrome (TC LID: CSD6), is located on the Manicouagan River, Quebec, Canada and is open from May until October.
  • te The crowds that had swarmed a while ago round the Cathedral, pouring in and filling it for the Te Deum of thanksgiving that one more country had been brought under the yoke; the sea of faces that had softly applauded and bowed beneath the blessing of those two Cardinals in scarlet; the enthusiasm, the more amazing in its silent orderliness, which had greeted the restoration of the old national Abbey to its Benedictine founders-even the very interviews he had had with quiet, deferential men, who, he understood, stood at the very head of the secular powers; the memory of the young King kissing the ring of the abbot at the steps into the choir-all these things proved plainly enough that by some supernatural alchemy the very minds of men had been transformed, that they were no longer free to rebel and resent and assert inalienable rights-in short, that a revolution had passed over the world such as history had never before known, that men no longer lived free and independent lives of their own, but had been persuaded to contribute all that made them men to the Society which they composed.
  • th Th, Sh, Ch, Zh, Wh, and Ng.
  • ti Were captured by A-ti, a laughing Chinese nymph, with a splendid set of the whitest teeth, and landed safely on the Praya, after purchasing our ransom with a Spanish coin, in value twenty-five cents.
  • tia Tia Dalma reveals that she has resurrected Barbossa, and they will lead a mission to rescue Jack from Davy Joness Locker.
  • tic 1 Chronic motor or vocal tic disorder F95.
  • tie And could I tie it if I did find it?
  • tin It's a tin affair, painted bright green, with half a dozen little brass cups sunk in it.
  • tip Wait a minute, Tip .
  • tl Sato T, Thorlacius H, Johnston B, Staton TL, Xiang W, Littman DR, Butcher EC "Role for CXCR6 in recruitment of activated CD8+ lymphocytes to inflamed liver.
  • tm Likewise, if π is the trivial bundle (R × M, pr1, R), then there exists a canonical diffeomorphism between J1(π) and R × TM.
  • tn Buena Vista, Ohio (disambiguation), several places in this state with this name Buena Vista, Oregon Buena Vista, Pennsylvania Buena Vista, Tennessee, an unincorporated community Buena Vista Historic District, Nashville, TN, listed on the NRHP in Tennessee Buena Vista, Virginia Buena Vista (Roanoke, Virginia), listed on the NRHP in Virginia Buena Vista, Grant County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community Buena Vista, Portage County, Wisconsin, a town Buena Vista, Richland County, Wisconsin, a town Buena Vista, Waukesha County, Wisconsin, an unincorporated community Buena Vista Marsh, Wisconsin, a state wildlife refuge, in Portage County Montgomery-Janes-Whittaker House, commonly known as Buena Vista Mansion, listed on the NRHP in Autauga County, Alabama
  • tv Television broadcast stations: 1 note: there are 2 cable TV stations
  • tx Dallas, TX: Nicotine Anonymous World Services.
  • It It was not so.
  • T 291. T T aktoong river, ii.
  • Til mother she laffed and asked what he had done with the other 8 quats and father he said you wait til tonite.
  • Ty As for the French, they are likely to need all their savages at Ty ; for, they tell me Gen.
  • Tim Your Uncle Tim would not take you if I were to go down upon my knees to him.
  • Tu An't got no patience wi' making such a buzz afore you wants tu.
  • TD When the city of Omaha announced plans to build a new ballpark in downtown Omaha for the CWS, TD Ameritrade Park, original plans called for it to be reduced to around 12,000 for Royals games.
  • TR Tr. N. Y., 1874.
  • TS The Blackpool Tower Dungeon Indoor Golf Centre Bonny Street Market Mr Ts Amusement Arcade It was also announced that the Tower would be run by Merlin Entertainments Group (who run the London Eye) as well as it sees a programme of repairs totalling £10m, the first phase was scheduled to be complete for the 2011 season.