What is the correct spelling for TICKIT?

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Correct spellings for TICKIT

  • dick My friend Dick was still very anxious about his father.
  • digit And the knowledge we now possess justifies us completely in the anticipation, that when the still lower Eocene deposits, and those which belong to the Cretaceous Epoch have yielded up their remains, we shall find, first, a form with four complete toes and a rudiment of the innermost or first digit in front, with probably a rudiment of the fifth digit in the hind foot; while, in still older forms, the series of the digits will be more and more complete, until we come to the five-toed animals, in which, if the doctrine of Evolution is well founded, the whole series must have taken its origin.
  • docket Yet when the case was reached on the docket, Henry Simpson, whose finger was in every pie as a master pastry cook for the intrenched element, arose from his place at the right hand of the court's prosecutor and sonorously cleared his throat.
  • kit Here comes Krishna, the deft handed, to pack sketches and all; I must supervise him, and see that he does not pack my cousin's soap, matches, and pieces of string along with his increasing collection of these articles in a corner of my kit bag.
  • picket "Rest of 'em inside, dancin'," explained Mr. Peck, crouching behind the picket-fence.
  • tacit After that, it seemed that they had subsided into a tacit acceptance of their future as she had outlined it.
  • tack Maybe it is-I don't know what you'd call too horrible; I kinda think it wouldn't be what I'd tack those words to.
  • tact He showed himself thoroughly versed in parliamentary practice, and his tact was indeed something remarkable.
  • thicket Calling my companion's attention to this little thicket I said something about the elder growing on the open downs where it always appeared to be out of harmony with its surroundings.
  • tic The side of his mouth began to tic, characteristically.
  • tick The room was so still I could have heard a clock tick.
  • ticker Over whose ticker are you getting quotations that I come cheap?
  • ticket Here's your railway ticket-Harwich-Hook of Holland.
  • ticking There was no sound in the Warren Lodge except the scratching of Lydia's pen, the ticking of her favorite skeleton clock, an occasional clatter of crockery from the kitchen, and the voices of the birds and maids without.
  • tickle The idea seemed to tickle him in spite of his weariness.
  • tuck It was the tuck-in square that neither of the girls had finished before leaving Rosemont.
  • tucked I'm only the girl who loves you, and she tucked a violet over my left ear, laughing with the old ring of mischief in her voice.
  • wicket The grand entrance is on the south side, and a small wicket is usually on the west.
  • Dicta He took his dicta very seriously and accepted his criticism.
  • Tacked Suddenly, however, they tacked and stood towards him.
  • Ticked A long moment ticked past after her passionate challenge.
  • Ticketed That Jerrold's wit ran in a higher groove than mere verbal quips and cranks is proved by the retorts and epigrams that have been preserved and ticketed in cases like a collection of brilliant butterflies.
  • Ticks When native cattle are placed upon fields on which young ticks are already present, they will show the fever in 13 to 15 days if the season is hot.
  • tickets I've got your railroad tickets to New York.
  • DICT In the same Dict.
  • tackiest
  • weaponized
  • freeskiing
  • open-field
  • population-level