What is the correct spelling for TIHYS?

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Correct spellings for TIHYS

  • dis I hear our friend, Mr. Carpenter, is going-" "Cut out dis friend stuff!"
  • hays For instance: "See Charlie Hays loop the loop!"
  • hiss His hundred-dollar offer was followed by a hiss .
  • hus Once you told us how Hus was burned because he had dared to tell the truth to those in power.
  • tethys Swept through the void of heaven by rapid whirl They're borne, and neighbouring constellations made, Loud Juno rag'd, to see the harlot shine, Amid the stars; and 'neath the deep descends, To hoary Tethys , and her ancient spouse; Where reverence oft the host of heaven had shewn.
  • tights The man was strangely dressed in a close-fitting suit of cloth-something between the uniform of bicycle clubs and the tights affected by acrobats.
  • times Mrs. Maclaughlin was, at all times , a trial to her.
  • tipsy When at The Locks, if he threatened to drink too much, Mrs. Dorris took his glass and kept it, although her husband was usually in favor of "turning him on," as Tug expressed it, for he was very amusing when a little tipsy , and kept them in continued laughter by his dignified oddity.
  • titus Mancastra was a Roman camp in the reign of Titus .
  • tizzy "And lose the tizzy they've promised us," said he of the hoe.
  • Has I think I had just better say Louis has runned away.
  • His "He has his work," she replied.
  • ties It was one of the ties between them.
  • Trays As upon that first occasion, some weeks ago, the door closed as if it were a thousand doors softly excluding the world; and once more Ralph received an impression of a room full of deep shadows, firelight, unwavering silver candle flames, and empty spaces to be crossed before reaching the round table in the middle of the room, with its frail burden of silver trays and china teacups.
  • Ticks After the acute stage of the fever has passed the ticks begin to swell up and show very plainly.
  • Tics I've simply got to forget any family tics.
  • Toys There was also a question as to which of their toys they might be permitted to carry off with them.
  • tips He examined the tips of his fingers carefully.
  • tires Another, with two horses and rubber tires , was hailed and engaged.
  • tills 6. Happy the man who tills his field, Content with rustic labor; Earth does to him her fullness yield, Hap what may to his neighbor.
  • hits They can't help it, any more than you can help scrappin' when a feller hits your wad on the crook.
  • tiers The hardest task is to make the blocks stick without holding in the upper tiers .
  • HTS
  • HS Through the silence will come a soft "Hs-s-s."
  • TS To-day the comparatively fine weather has drawn out a larger crowd than usual, thirty to forty human beings, from tender sucking babes to grey old folks, men as well as women; the latter in the word of salutation replacing the tsch-sound with an exceedingly soft caressing ts-sound.
  • TTYS
  • HOS "Mrs. Marven," she said, with the stony passivity which the ladies used to note in her when they came over to Lion's Head Farm in the tally-hos, "the stage leaves here at two o'clock to get the down train at three.
  • HES "It's no for me tae advise ye, who am only a simple auld woman, who ken's naethin' but her Bible and the Catechism, and it's no that a'm feared for the new views, or aboot yir faith, for I aye mind that there's mony things the Speerit hes still tae teach us, and I ken weel the man that follows Christ will never lose his way in ony thicket.
  • TIDES The dead fish had been carried around by the tides, and the owl had been deceived into showing his method of fishing.
  • HIES To Tmolus' vineyards and Pactolus' stream He hies: the stream not yet for gold was fam'd; Not yet so precious were its envy'd sands.
  • TINS They are not popular, then,-the Martins?
  • tiles The houses, rarely over two stories in height, are painted white and roofed with red tiles , like scarlet caps upon light-haired men.
  • treys Some of us git the deuces an' treys , an' some git the aces.
  • tines Notice how Lightfoot's curve forward with the branches or tines on the back side."
  • tithes According to the calculations of Davenant and King, the gross produce of agriculture amounted, at the time of the Revolution, to four rents, or, allowing for tithes , to three rents; but this was only on the arable.
  • tings I seen de papers shoost now, vot vunderful tings you do-healin' de sick and quellin' de mobs and all dat-and I tink I gotta raise my offer, Mr. Carpenter.
  • highs The most copious forests are in cloud forest regions where cloud cover is almost constant, rainfall is frequent, and temperatures do not usually reach the extreme highs .
  • unnoteworthy
  • activenesses
  • affranchised
  • air-cools
  • algidities
  • dawn-to-dark
  • dawn-to-darks
  • dexterousdextrous
  • frontrunner
  • illdisposedness
  • illdisposednesses

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