What is the correct spelling for TIMESHE?

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Correct spellings for TIMESHE

  • amish Look, back in the States we have trouble with the Amish , who don't want their children to be taught modern ways.
  • dime Thousands were eating there amid the din, As though they'd hardly time to do it in; Thousands were loitering in the breezy air, As if they had a year or two to spare; And every trap that ever caught a dime , Was ready set and baited all the time!
  • dish The door of the room they were approaching opened, and a man-servant came out with a covered dish in his hand.
  • mash When done, drain and mash them.
  • masher "We now come to the third Baron, Marmaduke, surnamed the Masher .
  • mesh His mental machinery, which seemed to have been out of mesh ,-came back into adjustment with a jerk.
  • mosh Dere is som greater roag dan me,-mosh greater.
  • mush Oh, mush and milk, love's young dream, and when shall we meet again.
  • musher Leaving the dogs in care of the musher , Pierre Lapierre loosened the thongs of his rackets, and, pushing open the door, stamped noisily into the detachment quarters of the Mounted and advanced to the stove where two men were mending dog-harness.
  • tame "When he gets tame ," she said, "my eyes will not perspire, though ten lions should roar."
  • tech He sed he wanted to tech on all subjects, an fust he would ask Mr. Seward about our furrin affairs.
  • techie
  • time It was an anxious time .
  • timed The thing appeared, however, so improbable that if it were not for the fact that this occurred in a region in which there were no Europeans at all-about three hundred and seventy-five miles from the nearest coast-the doctor and the captain would have assumed that it was an ill-timed joke, which had been perpetrated by some European children who had read the newspapers describing the abduction, or by wards of missions.
  • timely The stories are timely .
  • timer This axe is an old-timer; you don't find such good-tempered steel in the axes made to sell these days, with their lying red and blue labels pasted on 'em.
  • times It is that I would go each day-many times to see the water fall down.
  • timothy They floundered knee-deep through withered timothy , which is not a natural grass.
  • tome It is while engaged in quiet afterthought, when reviewing the experiences gained upon the spot, that the fullness of interest is aroused, as he turns to the quaint pages of many an ancient tome , to seek for the story of its earliest inhabitants.
  • tosh It couldn't be simply all this tosh he was emitting.
  • tush Tush, cried the detective; do not, I beg of you, call it a mystery.
  • Tisha He rang the bell, and presently he heard Tisha 's flapping steps coming.
  • Tim "Strike up, Tim ," cried several voices.
  • tomes Here and there stood bookcases, their shelves close-packed with huge antique tomes , equally the victims of long neglect.
  • tames Afterwards, as he tames down, he withdraws his forces into the citadel, but he still has a knowledge of, and an interest in, the land they once covered.
  • timers Some of the old timers refrain from printed advertising in newspapers, saying that the best advertisement is merit.
  • DIMES When at age eight she decided to collect coins, he went to the bank and brought back rolls and rolls of dimes and nickels for her to go through.
  • timelier Media yields The bitter juices and slow-lingering taste Of the blest citron-fruit, than which no aid Comes timelier , when fierce step-dames drug the cup With simples mixed and spells of baneful power, To drive the deadly poison from the limbs.
  • timeout But I still feel sad that I put her on time-out Sit back in your chair, honey, quit tryin' to climb out – Just The Two Of Us by Eminem
  • timeshare
  • serious-looking
  • well-accepted
  • retitled
  • fuss-free

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