What is the correct spelling for TIOP?

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Correct spellings for TIOP

  • bop Blitzkrieg (game), a tabletop wargame published by Avalon Hill in 1965 Scholar's mate, a chess beginners blunder Literature Blitzkrieg (comics) Blitzkrieg (DC Comics), a comic book series Blitzkrieg (Marvel Comics), a comic book superhero Blitzkrieg: From the Rise of Hitler to the Fall of Dunkirk, a book by Len Deighton and a computer game published by Ariolasoft in 1987 Music Blitzkrieg (heavy metal band), an English heavy metal band Blitzkrieg (English punk band), an English punk rock band Blitzkrieg, a former name for Therion Blitzkrieg, a former name for the German band Boskops Blitzkrieg, an album by Wallenstein Blitzkrieg Bop , a 1976 song by the punk rock band Ramones "Blitzkrieg" (song), a 1993 song by Excessive Force "Blitzkrieg", a song by Blitzkrieg, later covered by Metallica on the album Garage Inc. We went down to the record swap The kids were dancing to the blitzkrieg bop Bop-shoo-wop shoo-wop shoo-wop – 7-11 by ramones
  • chop Wash the mushrooms, and chop them very fine with a silver knife. Gimmie what you got for a pork chop (uh) She threw it at me like I was a short stop (uh) – Right Thurr (Radio Version) by Chingy
  • coop Then they made a fire of some drift-wood-for, fortunately, they had a few matches-and Augusta cooked the two fowls they had got out of the floating hen-coop as well as circumstances would allow-which, as a matter of fact, was not very well-and they had dinner, of which they all stood sadly in need.
  • cop Passengers always fret when there's trouble and no cop around. Right to the traffic cop He only paused a moment when he heard him holler stop – Frosty The Snowman by Toby Keith
  • dip Then the two black figures were lost over the dip of the hill. But the minute that you slip They dip – Never Been by wiz khalifa
  • fop He tied a red bow-knot to my hilt; we bowed to each other, then with a smile and a word to Silver Heels which I did not catch, he saluted us again and strolled off with his nose in the air and his hands full of ribbons of every hue-the fop !
  • gop Waldo County Republicans call for censure of state GOP chairman after caucus controversy".
  • hip On the doorstep he felt in his hip pocket for the latchkey. Who say St. Louis ain't hip-hop? Dirty we hop to what's hip I'm a Lunatic with too much grip to let her slip – Welcome To Atlanta Remix by Ludacris
  • hoop The squirrel cocked ear o'er his hoop , Up the spruce, quick as eye, trailing brush. Just like Larry I'll take it to the hoop make one false move in one fell swoop – Just Like Larry by dispatch
  • hop When the crow would find a large Indian camp he would alight and hop about, pretending to be picking up scraps, but really keeping his ears open for anything he might hear. Like Bolivian rock, your watered down hip hop Rap's so out of shape and far from tip top – 7 Pounds by GZA
  • kip By some investigators, the fasting of Lent is supposed to have been originally a modified form of hibernation, to which the Church gave a religious significance; but this view is strenuously opposed by that eminent authority, Bishop Kip , who does not wish any honors denied to the memory of the Founder of his family.
  • lip The woman hesitated, looked aside, bit her lip .
  • loop He slipped a loop of the rope about her waist, taking slow pains not to touch her with his hands, and turned downward again.
  • lop One comes on board and falls with a solid, heavy lop -there may be twenty tons of blue water in it-the next rushes along with wild speed and fury.
  • mop Another was that under the mop of white and senile hair the face was strong, handsome, and smiling, with a well-cut profile and a long cloven chin.
  • nip Nip him tightly by the neck."
  • pip He reports fairly quiet except some Germ Pip -Squeak shells droppin' out on our right, an' a good deal o' sniping rifle fire between the trenches in front of us.
  • pop "Grundy claimed he'd been down near the engine room, trying to get permission to pop something in the big pile.
  • rip I bet they rip first thing."
  • shop "Let's go into the shop ," said Inspector Chippenfield promptly.
  • sip Scotty took a sip from his steaming cup and turned to Hassan.
  • sop XI What is Best for Lydia 115 XII A Sop to the Wolves 122 XIII Lydia Decides in Perfect Freedom 131 XIV Mid-Season Nerves 139 XV A Half-Hour's Liberty 154 XVI Engaged to be Married 165 XVII Card-Dealing and Patent Candles 177
  • tap When we were about halfway through, I suddenly put my hand upon her arm, for I had heard in the silent, frosty air, a sound that brought my heart into my mouth-the tap -tapping of the blind man's stick upon the frozen road.
  • tarp English (UK Young Adult Edition): "Between Shades of Gray" Puffin, ISBN 978-0-14-133588-9 English (UK Adult Edition): "Between Shades of Gray" Viking, ISBN 978-0-670-92085-3 Estonian: "Hallaaegade algus", Tammerraamat, ISBN 978-9949-526-18-5 Finnish: "Harmaata valoa", Wsoy, ISBN 978-951-0-37239-5 French: Ce qu'ils nont pas pu nous prendre, Gallimard Jeunesse, ISBN 978-2-07-063567-2 German: Und in mir der unbesiegbare Sommer, Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg, ISBN 978-3-551-58254-6 Greek: "Between Shades of Gray", Psichogios, ISBN 978-960-496-478-9 Hebrew: "Between Shades of Gray", Miskal, ISBN 978-965-545-605-9 Hungarian: "Arnyalatnyi remeny", Maxim Konyvkiado, ISBN 978-963-261-204-1 Italian: Avevano spento anche la luna, Garzanti Libri, ISBN 978-88-11-67036-0 Japanese: "Between Shades of Gray", Iwanami Shoten, ISBN 978-4-00-115651-5 Latvian: "Starp pelekiem toniem", Zvaigzne ABC, ISBN 978-9934-0-2238-8 Lithuanian: "Tarp pilkų debesų", Alma Littera, ISBN 978-9955-38-964-4 Macedonian "Крадци и проститутки," Sakam Knigi Persian: "Between Shades of Gray", Morvarid Polish: "szare sniegi syberii", Nasza Ksiegarnia, ISBN 978-83-10-11983-4 Portuguese (Brazil): "a vida em tons de cinza", Arqueiro, ISBN 978-85-8041-016-7 Portuguese (Portugal): "o longo inverno", Bertrand Editora/Contraponto, ISBN 978-989-666-085-7 Romanian "Printre Tonuri Cenusii," Epica Publishing House Serbian: "Putovanje pod zvezdama", Alnari, ISBN 978-86-7710-729-1 Slovakian: "Medzi odtieňmi sivej" Ikar, ISBN 978-80-551-2442-1 Spanish: Entre tonos de gris, Ediciones Maeva, 2011 ISBN 978-84-15120-25-4 Swedish: "Strimmor av hopp", B/Wahlstroms, ISBN 978-91-32-15958-9 Turkish: "gri golgeler arasinda" Delidolu, ISBN 978-605-63326-7-8
  • tia Binocular disparity forms the premise for a sketch from the film Wayne's World in which Wayne, who is lying in bed as Tia Carreres character, Cassandra, perches above him, compares the respective images from his left and right eyes while noting which is which by saying "Camera 1 .
  • tip Tip hesitated a minute, then told the plain truth.
  • top I ran to the top of the staircase and looked down.
  • topi
  • typo
  • vip
  • whop
  • yip
  • zip
  • goop 10. THE GOOP; constructed on a Plan Beyond the Intellect of Man.
  • OP 9, three nocturnes, January, 1833; op.
  • TWP
  • on-the-road
  • lower-than-expected Since opening for service, the Atlanta Streetcar has been criticized by officials and residents for its short route, safety, poor management, and lower-than-expected ridership.

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