What is the correct spelling for TIOPPED?

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Correct spellings for TIOPPED

  • chapped Jack's lips were so sore and chapped he could not bite the hard biscuit; and though Colley soaked his in a few drops of rum, he felt sick at the smell and taste of the spirits, and when offered a morsel, he turned away, saying- "It reminds me of Skinner.
  • chipped Under its influence she made a bold incursion into her kitchen, after a luncheon of chipped beef, dry toast and indifferent baker's cake.
  • chopped She began to scream so loudly that she quite frightened King Crosspatch, and the hatchet slipped and chopped a bit of his little finger.
  • dipped The heading dipped sharply beyond it, which somewhat astonished him, and when he had climbed over the barricade, he descended cautiously, groping towards another light.
  • hipped Not that the Colonel was hipped upon the subject of the ancients, for he talked mining and showed some copper claims as well; but a similar tragedy in his own domestic life had evoked a profound admiration for Socrates.
  • lipped His comrades had been won to him as friends by virtue of his ever-ready helping hand, by his devotion to training, by his close-lipped acceptance of all the toils and knocks and pains common to the making of a soldier.
  • lopped There, many of them lay on the ground shorn of their leafy honours, offering obstructions on the spots which they so lately ornamented, while others stood bare and desolate, their giant limbs lopped off, their trunks shattered by bullets, and retaining only a few slight branches oh high, to which still adhered the parched, discoloured, and withered leaves, sole remnants of their lately luxuriant foliage.
  • ripped The outlaw ripped out an oath.
  • tapped She tapped at it gently, almost timidly.
  • tipped In the course of a brief time our noses became tipped with a white skin and also required nursing.
  • tippet At the second ballet at the opera an actress dressed in a tippet held out her cap to the bones as if to beg an alms, while she was dancing a pas de deux.
  • topped As the August Presence into which he had been ushered was engaged in examining the contents of a lower drawer of the flat-topped desk at which It was seated, It was only partly visible.
  • Hopped They hopped and skipped over each other and he held tightly onto parts of the clothing he lay on.
  • Mopped As for Peter McSwain, from sheer force of habit he drew forth a colored handkerchief and mopped his grinning eyes.
  • Nipped The crisp autumn air nipped their cheeks and brought the color to their faces.
  • Pipped His machine ran splendidly until his chicks were about half hatched, when it would drop down to 90 degrees, and the rest would die in the shell, after they were nearly all pipped.
  • Shipped There were shore birds too; we shipped some as passengers, they were going south like ourselves, but by instinct not by the card.
  • Shopped Looking out of the club window into Shaftesbury Avenue-hers was an economical club, but convenient for Hampstead, where she lived, and for Shoolbred's, where she shopped-Mrs. Wilkins, having stood there some time very drearily, her mind's eye on the Mediterranean in April, and the wisteria, and the enviable opportunities of the rich, while her bodily eye watched the really extremely horrible sooty rain falling steadily on the hurrying umbrellas and splashing omnibuses, suddenly wondered whether perhaps this was not the rainy day Mellersh-Mellersh was Mr. Wilkins-had so often encouraged her to prepare for, and whether to get out of such a climate and into the small mediaeval castle wasn't perhaps what Providence had all along intended her to do with her savings.
  • Sipped At last he sipped it.
  • Copped Did you come along this way when you copped it before; I mean you and that pair?"
  • Popped Suddenly a thought popped into Peter's head.
  • Sopped He gave me for dinner boiled mutton and sopped bread.
  • zipped When they reached the elevator, she zipped a small plastic card through the reader on the wall and the doors slid open.
  • yipped A dog yipped frantically, and Tom stopped; then he decided that the dog was aimlessly sharing in the excitement, and went forward again.
  • whopped The vinest veast althegither since ould Bony were whopped .
  • bopped It was even obvious that Mike-or someone with Mike's talent-had bopped him on the head, and taken the red Cadillac he had been examining.

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