What is the correct spelling for TIOPS?

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Correct spellings for TIOPS

  • biopsy A biopsy was promptly performed.
  • hops That dark vinous-looking ale is full of the strength of malt and hops ; it is the brandy of the barley.
  • mips
  • ops As long as one continues this type of farming, there is no room for the city - government, co-ops, manufacturers, corporations, and consumers - to butt in.
  • pious What, then, might a pious and well-instructed Israelite discern beneath the surface of this institution?
  • sops And it shall come to passe as thou sittest in the boat thou shalt see an old man swimming on the top of the river, holding up his deadly hands, and desiring thee to receive him into the barke, but have no regard to his piteous cry; when thou art passed over the floud, thou shalt espie old women spinning, who will desire thee to helpe them, but beware thou do not consent unto them in any case, for these and like baits and traps will Venus set to make thee let fall one of thy sops , and thinke not that the keeping of thy sops is a light matter, for if thou leese one of them thou shalt be assured never to returne againe to this world.
  • taps She taps him on the shoulder with a paper-knife and says huskily: "Rise, Sir Harry."
  • tipsy "I like Mrs. Wedge," Tug said, looking at that excellent woman with a tipsy grin, as she came into the room with some new delicacy for her employer's guests.
  • tops The dawn came stealing across the tree-tops, while the ground still lay in utter darkness.
  • turps Moistening the rag slightly with turps he carefully removed the paint from Sweater's sleeve.
  • Chaps I wouldn'twonder if it was the goold for bribin' the chaps makes it weigh so much.
  • Chips For, along a line of rocks, although we might suffer from hunger, we should no longer be helpless chips on the ocean drift, and if no other life should be seen, at least occasional shrimps would gladden the heart.
  • Chops He chops ice, fills the kettles, lights the fire, and probably freezes his fingers in doing so.
  • hoops The street does all right for hoops .
  • yips Laugh, kick up your heels, let out the hi-yi-yips!
  • Cops "I lodged a good half-dozen of those beer-drinking loafers, though they roistered and drove away my respectable trade-and then the cops had the nerve to raid me," she inwardly lamented.
  • Hips Then she hastily put on Dale's jacket, which swamped her, going far down below her hips and making her seem a wonderfully strange figure.
  • Lips But will you not at least touch your lips to my forehead?
  • Ships As to procure fuel for her ships of war has been a problem difficult to solve heretofore, this immense storage of peat looked to us as if designed to meet this special purpose.
  • lops At noon with Mr. Moore to the Coffee-house, where among other things the great talk was of the effects of this late great wind; and I heard one say that he had five great trees standing together blown down; and, beginning to lop them, one of them, as soon as the lops were cut off, did, by the weight of the root, rise again and fasten.
  • nips "The men," he said, "who didn't take pegs there at all, all died for certain, and men who took nips and pegs in excess died too; a few, however, who took them in moderation survived."
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  • rips Here she locks the door and, striking a light, hurriedly rips the silken band with a tiny penknife, and draws from thence two papers.
  • tips Mine has no pearls at the tips of the wings.
  • chirps Three chirps , and then, "Yo.
  • zips Cool as a cucumber, the Indian leader reins in his pony in sweeping circle to the left, ducks on his neck as Wilkinson's bullet whistles by his head; then under his pony, and his return shot "zips" close by the general's cheek.
  • dips In early September at Annoatok the sun dips considerably under the northern horizon.
  • shops The quaint little shops of the town, which are slightly raised above the level of the street, have another and rather inferior class of stores under them, accessible by descending steps from the thoroughfare.
  • fops Only that there is some fresh gossip afloat, mixing up my daughter's name with that of one of the reckless fops of this place.
  • mops The child was called by his name-Louise Chaffinger; he called her Mops , because of her quantities of thick brown hair.
  • coops This farmer's time was spent on a myriad of duties and details-his function was not yet totally specialized-ranging from butchering hogs to building chicken coops to thinning corn.
  • KIPS We two, she said, will seek the kips where shady Mary is.
  • OOPS Oops, that was a close one!
  • PIPS The returning pips showed the signal was getting through to Eden.
  • SIPS He sips gin the live-long day-weak gin always-every hour from morn till a cruel Legislature compels the closing of the shutters.
  • BOPS
  • VIPS And what did you find in your napkin, Vips ?
  • POPS Of course she thought of something lovely; she always does; Mama's head is just brimming over with lovely thoughts, and all I have to do is ask, and out pops the very one I want.
  • TARPS Two tarps make a commodious tent.
  • WOPS They come in my place, Dagoes, Wops , Hunnyacks, Swedes, Jews, every breed, and what you think-they keep talkin' about what us Americans had ought to do to lick Germany.
  • CHEOPS There are at least twenty volumes, all unpublished, owing to the envious machinations of rival authors, none of them treating of anything more modern than Cheops , or the invention of the hieroglyphics.
  • LOOPS When enough stitches have been made, take a light piece of wood about the size of a lead pencil, corresponding in length to the size of the wound or slightly longer, and insert it through each of the loops, drawing up the free ends of the threads, which should in turn be tied securely on a similar piece of wood on that side.
  • SOP'S
  • TOPSY "I don't suppose they'll trouble me much, but they'll turn your place topsy-turvy, I expect.
  • whops It has the figures down at the bottom; and she whops it every morning."
  • aggrandizations
  • effortfully
  • allpowerful
  • doubtedly
  • diaphaneities
  • half-century-old
  • thousand-foot

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