What is the correct spelling for TIRSTY?

If you find yourself mistakenly typing "tirsty" instead of "thirsty", don't worry! Autocorrect might have failed, but here are some helpful suggestions. Replace it with "thirsty", "parched", "dehydrated" or "craving fluids". So next time, your search for the perfect word won't leave you "tirsty"!

Correct spellings for TIRSTY

  • dirty I need to clean my house because it's really dirty.
  • first The first day of school is always filled with both excitement and nervousness.
  • misty The mountains looked misty as the fog rolled in from the sea.
  • tarty I don't like to associate myself with people who have tarty personalities.
  • tasty The pizza was so tasty that I can't wait to have it again.
  • testy The customer began to get testy with me when I couldn't answer their question.
  • thirst After a long hike, I felt a strong thirst for water.
  • thirsty She was thirsty and felt desperately thirsty.
  • toasty After baking the cookies in the oven, they were toasty warm.
  • trusty As she embarked on her journey, she made sure to pack her trusty map.
  • twisty The road up the mountain was very twisty and made me feel dizzy.