What is the correct spelling for TK?

If you often find yourself mistyping "tk", don't worry! Here are a few plausible alternatives: "ok", "to", "ta", "tko" or "ti". These suggestions may save time and minimize errors while typing. Remember, a small adjustment can make a big difference in conveying your message accurately.

Correct spellings for TK

  • ak
  • bk
  • CK
  • GK
  • K
  • MK I'm not a fan of MK.
  • PK PK is a popular abbreviation for penalty kick in soccer games.
  • SK Sammy used to love SK shopping because she could buy designer clothes without breaking the bank.
  • T The house has a T on the front lawn.
  • ta I love to have a cup of ta in the morning.
  • tc
  • TD I can't believe TD just said that.
  • te
  • th The numbers 7, 11 and 13 form the sequence "th"
  • ti Ti is the chemical symbol for the metallic element titanium.
  • tko Johnny knocked on Bob's door. "Come in, tko," called Bob.
  • tl I can't keep up with the tl;dr because I'm too busy tl;dring
  • tm Tommy's computer is always tm because he never shuts down.
  • tn
  • TR I'm trying to reach for the TR.
  • TS
  • Tu The waiter gave me a Tu for my drink.
  • tv I'm going to bed, I have a lot of TV to watch tomorrow morning.
  • tx I am located in Austin, TX.
  • Ty My big brother is Ty.
  • uk The UK is home to many historic landmarks and beautiful natural scenery.
  • WK Gil Scott-Heron's album The Revolution was released in 1979, the year of the "WK" in the world