What is the correct spelling for TLAST?

The misspelling "tlast" can be corrected by suggesting the correct spelling "at last". This phrase implies a long-awaited completion or accomplishment. By using the correct spelling, we ensure clarity and understanding in our communication.

Correct spellings for TLAST

  • blast The sound of the blast startled everyone in the room.
  • last This is my last warning to you.
  • least I did my least amount of work on the project because I was feeling incredibly tired.
  • lest I wore my jacket, lest I catch a cold.
  • list I need to make a list of everything we need to buy at the grocery store.
  • lost I lost my keys and can't leave without them.
  • lust He couldn't resist the intense lust he felt towards her, even if he knew it was wrong.
  • outlast The new battery is designed to outlast its predecessors.
  • taste I really don't like the taste of brussels sprouts.
  • tasty The chef prepared a tasty meal that left everyone wanting more.
  • test The teacher gave us a practice test to help prepare us for the real exam.
  • toast She likes her toast with butter and jam for breakfast every morning.
  • toasty The toaster was toasty, and the toast tasted delicious.
  • trust I trust you to keep my secrets.
  • tryst The lovers arranged a secret tryst at the park after midnight.
  • twist I like a good plot twist in a movie.