What is the correct spelling for TNICE?

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Correct spellings for TNICE

  • anise Sometimes when father and I went bee-hunting he took some old honey comb, put it on a piece of bark or on a log, set it on fire and dropped a few drops of anise on it from a vial.
  • dance "They are going to dance , eh?
  • deice
  • dice Now, the boatmen were fond of playing at dice , and as Sribatsa appeared to them from his looks to be a respectable man, they always asked him to join in the game.
  • dunce The teacher said, "Of all sad things, I would not be a dunce , But would learn to write and cipher, And begin the work at once."
  • mince You see, I don't mince words."
  • nice "It was very nice of you to think of coming here.
  • niece Niece, Monsieur Cherami, come quick, I beg you!
  • once Shall we see him at once ?
  • tense Lenyard's voice was tense with excitement.
  • tine Thereupon Tine slipped her pretty little feet into her white sabots-she and Johann have been called in church since-and walked straight over to the Holland Arms.
  • tinge He eyed her steadily as he spoke, and Miss Nugent, despite her utmost efforts, realized with some indignation that a faint tinge of colour was creeping into her cheeks.
  • tonic The day after that, when she not only had meat but began a new tonic , she asked for Robertlet and put her arms round him all by herself.
  • trace "Ah, would to Heaven he had left no trace behind!
  • trice In a trice he broke beyond the circle and darted to the control-panel.
  • truce Corinth is at least in treaty with you; with Corcyra you were never even in truce .
  • tunic From the dust on your tunic , I take it you have done a great deal of walking.
  • tunis In 1870 he was sent by the L.J.S. to Tunis , after having laboured for a short time at Manchester.
  • twice He used them for other women-once or twice .
  • venice Why, he said-and this is the only really bold thing he did do-that he must see her again, and that he should stay over a day in Venice in hopes of meeting her at the theatre or somewhere.
  • wince Poor Cherry, the very mention of his name makes her wince ," Alix thought, watching her sister sorrowfully.
  • Since Seems so long since I had Bess.
  • Denise It did not occur to Betty as at all significant that Jean Eastman and Kate Denise had not spoken to her after the meeting, until, when she knocked on Eleanor's door, Eleanor came formally to open it.
  • Eunice Eunice, why didn't you light up 'fore this?
  • Janice I mean Mrs. Janice Ames-the owner of the house.
  • Vince
  • Taine When you get a group of those sky-scrapers, all soaring beyond this point, you have, in an inverted phase, the unimpressiveness which Taine noted as the real effect of a prospect from the summit of a very lofty mountain.
  • Tics
  • tunics 81. They wear tunics of linen about their legs with fringes, which they call calasiris; above these they have garments of white wool thrown over: woollen garments however are not taken into the temples, nor are they buried with them, for this is not permitted by religion.
  • tonics I will try cold cream and hair tonics first.
  • TINS
  • tines But he didn't interfere until he caught the man in the act of jabbing the tines into Maid Marian's flank.
  • tinges "And see," said Mr Kennedy, "how Nature gets out of these terrible heaps of shattered ice both use and beauty; and since she must leave them as the eternal fountains of her rivers, see how she tinges them with her loveliest blue."
  • tings
  • dexterousdextrous
  • diablos
  • mis-calculate
  • lay-offs
  • psycho-educational

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