What is the correct spelling for TO8?

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Correct spellings for TO8

  • co Co-ome thou lost one, Co -ome thou dear one!
  • io There is a strange chapter in the life of Io , which you should know because it shows that Mother Carey never gives any wonderful gift to her creatures without also giving with it some equal burden of sorrow.
  • ko [88] The suffix "ko" is sometimes dropped for reasons of euphony, and sometimes for reasons of good taste-difficult to explain to readers unfamiliar with the Japanese language-even when the name consists of only one syllable or of two syllables.
  • mo 18 Mo swirled special noodles around in her bowl.
  • so
  • ta
  • tao
  • te
  • tho
  • ti
  • tko
  • tod
  • toe
  • tog
  • tom
  • ton
  • too
  • top
  • tor
  • tot
  • tow
  • toy
  • two
  • Jo Then you've bin caught in it once already, Jo Pinto?
  • T
  • PTO
  • Ty
  • Ot Matthew Stafford connected with senior wide receiver Mikey Henderson on the Bulldogs first play from scrimmage in OT for the winning score.
  • Tu
  • TD
  • DO "I do not think so," murmured Mr. Orcutt.
  • YO
  • BO As I stood idle by Mr. Jaggers's fire, its rising and falling flame made the two casts on the shelf look as if they were playing a diabolical game at bo-peep with me; while the pair of coarse, fat office candles that dimly lighted Mr. Jaggers as he wrote in a corner were decorated with dirty winding-sheets, as if in remembrance of a host of hanged clients.
  • ITO Buccinum kawamurai Habe & Ito , 1965 Buccinum kinukatsugai Habe & Ito , 1968 Buccinum kjennerudae Bouchet & Warén, 1985 Buccinum kobjakovae Golikov & Sirenko, 1988 Buccinum koreana Choe, Yoon & Habe, 1992 Buccinum koshikinum Okutani in Okutani, Tagawa & Horikawa, 1988 Buccinum kurilense Golikov & Sirenko, 1988 Buccinum kushiroense Habe & Ito , 1976 Buccinum lamelliferum Lus, 1976 Buccinum leucostoma Lischke, 1872 Buccinum limnoideum Dall, 1907 Buccinum lischkeanum Loebbecke, 1881 Buccinum lyperum Dall, 1919 Buccinum maehirai Tiba, 1980 Buccinum maltzani Pfeffer, 1886 Buccinum micropoma Thorson, 1944 - berry whelk Buccinum middendorfii Verkruzen, 1882 Buccinum mirandum Smith, 1875 Buccinum miyauchii Azuma, 1972 Buccinum mizutanii Habe & Ito , 1970 Buccinum mysticum Shikama, 1963 Buccinum nipponense Dall, 1907 Buccinum nivale Friele, 1882 Buccinum nodocostum Tiba, 1984 Buccinum normale Dall, 1885 Buccinum oblitum Sykes, 1911 Buccinum ochotense (Middendorff, 1848) - Okhotsk whelk Buccinum oedematum Dall, 1907 - swollen whelk, swollen whelk Buccinum opisoplectum Dall, 1907 Buccinum orotundum Dall, 1907 Buccinum osagawai Habe & Ito , 1968 Buccinum parvulum Verkrüzen, 1875 Buccinum pemphigus Dall, 1907 Buccinum pemphigus major Dall, 1919 Buccinum pemphigus orotundum Dall, 1907 Buccinum pemphigus pemphigus Dall, 1907 Buccinum percrassum Dall, 1883 - crude whelk Buccinum physematum Dall, 1919 Buccinum pilosum Golikov & Gulbin, 1977 Buccinum planeticum Dall, 1919 - wandering whelk Buccinum plectrum Stimpson, 1865 - sinuous whelk Buccinum polare J.