What is the correct spelling for TOATLE?

If you meant to type "toatle" but misspelled it, there are a few possibilities for the correct word. "Total" could be the intended word, referring to the sum or entirety of something. Another option might be "tote", which means to carry or transport. Double-check the context to determine the accurate choice.

Correct spellings for TOATLE

  • tale She always loved a good fairy tale, especially ones with happy endings.
  • tate
  • tattle Don't be such a tattle-tale, keep the secret to yourself.
  • title I received a certificate with my name and title written on it.
  • tittle Although it may seem small, the tittle on top of the "i" is a significant detail in the design of a typeface.
  • toddle The baby began to toddle towards the toys on the floor.
  • tootle I heard a small car tootle down the street.
  • Tootled As I tootled down the road on my bicycle, I enjoyed the cool breeze and the beautiful scenery.