What is the correct spelling for TOATO?

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Correct spellings for TOATO

  • dat Is dat it, Mr. Carpenter?"
  • dot Shake, you put dot big horse by de buggy.
  • oat But he rode on, oat of sight, for the necessity which drove him forth did not permit much loitering if he would succeed in what he had set out to do.
  • potato The potato crop only failed.
  • stoat More rarely the stoat does the same.
  • tad Then noticing his companion's surprise at his making such a speech, he added: "Tad!"
  • tao Kai Lung thought a while, then said: There is the story of Chang Tao .
  • tart The last time I baked you a lovely apple-tart....
  • tat Tat is a new neck, sure, ant a goot von, put on py Simon Corunden-not Auguste!
  • tatar The Russian is a Tatar and a brute.
  • tate She decides, however, on compliance, coming suddenly up the beach on all fours, and exclaiming, "Tate me!"
  • tater She'll drop ye like a hot tater 'fore ye know it, an' 'en look at ye jes' pine blank like she never knowed ye afore in her life.
  • tattoo "Not a solitary one, as sure as you live," answered Richard, as he took up his knife and fork and began to beat a tattoo on his plate.
  • tatty The rye kaired paiass kushto and lelled pange cocoanuts, and lelled us to his wardo, and dell'd mandy trin currus of tatty panni, so that I was most matto.
  • taut He lives with a halter around his neck, and he will some day find it hauled taut .
  • teat This may be limited to a small area near the lower end, or it may extend through the whole length of the teat .
  • tet From it you can see the great white monster of Le Canigou, the pride of the Eastern Pyrenees, far, far away, blocking up the valley of the Tet , which flows sluggishly past the little town.
  • tito In his way the character of Casaubon is as great a triumph as that of Tito himself.
  • toad He may satisfy himself for the time being that he is a big toad in a little puddle, but if he plays with a poorer player than he is he is bound to retrograde.
  • toady Sir Horace has done well there, and you-' 'Might toady a Grand-duke and bear-lead sucking peers-as well as another!
  • toast When I returned she had several slices of toast ready.
  • tod Tod Barstow had driven off to a stable somewhere; the goods were to be called for to-morrow morning; now they could go down to the hotel, to the chairs on the shady porch, and then to dinner.
  • today He asked me today when I called him up about the other.
  • tomato Tomato, carrot, corn, apple, wheat, squashes, grapes, popcorn, watermelon and blackberry were all represented.
  • too And you, too , Carl!
  • toot So, presenting the Bible, as soldiers do their muskets, he cries out, Toot !
  • tort "I tort o' dat.
  • torte "The Duke of La Torte , Victorina," corrected her husband.
  • tot A good-looking woman was passing, holding a tot of a kid by the hand; she glanced at me, stopped dead with a look of profound astonishment, paused to stare, hands clenched and pressed to her bosom, eyes wide, mouth agape, and every feature set as rigid as stone.
  • total It was a strange life for Harry King, this odd mixture of finest culture and high-bred delicacy of manner, with what appeared to be a total absence of self-seeking and a simple enjoyment of everyday work.
  • tote He gwi' tote 'em home outen' de rain an' de darkness.
  • tout "Hout-tout," answered the old Lady, in such a harsh voice that the young woman started, and grasped her baby tighter in her arms.
  • tutor That Tazewell knew enough of Latin to translate easily a Latin author, and even to write the language grammatically, is certain; but that he never rose to that excellence in those tongues to which his old tutor Mr. Wythe attained is equally certain.
  • Otto Captain Otto Sverdrup was made to feel the sting of the same grasping spirit.
  • Tut When we pieced together what each had heard, it came to what the blankety blank has come over your-tut tut-down-stream cargo boat?
  • TOTO In the body of Mr. Darwin's book the variations are supposed to be mainly due to accident, and function, though not denied all efficacy, is declared to be the greatly subordinate factor; natural selection, therefore, has been hitherto throughout tantamount to luck; in the peroration the position is reversed in toto; the selection is now made from variations into which luck has entered so little that it may be neglected, the greatly preponderating factor being function; here, then, natural selection is tantamount to cunning.
  • TOTS You haven't been here together since you were tiny little tots-just so high!
  • TATS I should think so; about two or three hundred Klick-i-tats were camped in that valley then.
  • toasty The reflection was of a swarthy, handsome man, with tender, toasty eyes glazed in ideas as if spread with honey.
  • tarty
  • aircondition
  • despotizing