What is the correct spelling for TOCALL?

For the misspelling "tocall", two possible corrections could be "to call" or "to recall". Depending on the sentence's context, the intended meaning could be to make a phone call or to remember something. Ensuring accurate spelling helps communicate clearly and avoids any potential confusion.

Correct spellings for TOCALL

  • call He will call you back later to discuss the details of the project.
  • focal The focal point of the room was a large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.
  • focally Focally, Julissa is a very visual person.
  • local I always like to support local businesses in my community.
  • locale The restaurant's success was attributed to its beautiful locale, overlooking the ocean.
  • locally I only shop locally to support small businesses.
  • MCCALL I am planning a camping trip to McCall, Idaho next summer.
  • recall The company had to issue a recall on its products due to safety concerns.
  • tall The basketball player was incredibly tall, towering over all of his teammates.
  • toll She paid the toll on the bridge and continued on her journey.
  • tonal The tonal quality of the singer's voice was stunning.
  • totally I am totally ready for this exam.
  • vocal She has a beautiful and powerful vocal range.
  • vocally She was vocally critical of the marketing campaign.