What is the correct spelling for TOCARE?

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Correct spellings for TOCARE

  • acre If at home, they assist their parents at harvest time when work is done by the acre, and the more a man can cut the better he is off; but their aim is domestic service, and they prefer to be engaged in the towns.
  • cadre Ivan made only one suggestion: that the details, such as permissible arms and standards of conduct, be left to the cadre commanders to settle between themselves before the leaders' parties arrived.
  • care You don't care for me?
  • core She was generous to the core.
  • cure We cure our fish there.
  • dare Oh, how dare you ask me!
  • daycare You say "This ain't even half of daycare" Sayin' to yourself "This here ain't fair" – Baby Mama by fantasia
  • docker Sam felt in 'is pockets, and the docker came up and stood watching while he counted it.
  • gore In all directions lay numbers of dead seamen, the deck slippery with gore.
  • nacre Another illustration is that of an accumulation of nacre which has assumed accidental resemblance to a miniature shark.
  • scare Perhaps he wanted to throw a scare into Morgan, perhaps-But Morgan!
  • score I rather suspect she is little subject to fear upon any score, replied Crow.
  • tacker An unprecedented harmony of thought, a millennium-like unity of action was born out of that sturdy cry-Every man his own carpet-tacker!
  • take I'm not going to take it.
  • tara The control of Tara, as a psychical centre, meant the psychical control of all Ireland.
  • tare The youth replied, "O my lord, I know no father; as for me, my father lodged me in a pit, with a nurse to rear me, and one day, there fell in upon us a lion, which tare my shoulder, then left me and occupied himself with the nurse and rent her in pieces; and Allah vouchsafed me one who brought me forth the pit."
  • taro But Taro was a proud boy this afternoon.
  • ticker "By the way, Ally, how's your ticker doing these days?
  • tire She could only race around, giving him all the line she could until he should tire a little.
  • toga To his mind, for ever wrapped in an intellectual toga, there was no tragedy in mere misery; there was no injustice in mere cruelty, or rather misery, cruelty, nay, all their allied evils, ignorance, brutality, sickness, superstition, vice, were unknown to him.
  • toke "Last night I took a lease of a barn for nothing and slept with the cows, and this morning the farmer routed me out and gave me tea and toke because I was so little.
  • torah 8 This alone remained fixed in my head, that there would be a time when the other nations would come to us to learn Torah, and that it might be to-morrow.
  • tore "Victor," she said, leaning forward a little in her chair, "was it he that tore up the manuscript?
  • tory By means of the wife of Hamilton, the only tory in that part of the country, he had gained intelligence of M'Cottry's approach, as reported to him, with five hundred men.
  • tuareg The next morning, they simply sent out a couple of aircraft to spot the Tuareg raiders and the camels.
  • tucker Give um plenty tucker, water.
  • tyre "The ships of Tarshish," so he says to the city of Tyre, "were thy caravans; so wert thou replenished and very glorious in the midst of the sea."
  • Carr 83 Rochester, Robert Carr, Viscount, v.
  • Cary We've told Sally that she can keep all she earns for her weddin' things, too, as long as Mrs. Cary stays."
  • Cara "She called herself Cara; but the name tells me nothing.
  • Carey From the windows of several Carey-street houses curious persons leaned out, and even on the west, at the Franklin-Square Hospital, there were other interested observers.
  • OCR
  • toerag
  • thrift-shop
  • low-gravity