What is the correct spelling for TODAL?

If you are trying to spell "total" but mistakenly type "todal", fear not, as there are correct suggestions available. Autocorrect may propose alternatives like "total" or "toddlers", which could clarify the intended word. Remember to double-check for any errors in order to ensure accurate spelling and effective communication.

Correct spellings for TODAL

  • modal The modal dialog box displayed a message asking the user for confirmation.
  • Nodal The nodal point of this issue is whether or not to proceed with the project.
  • teal I love adding teal accents to my home decor.
  • tidal The tidal waves were strong enough to knock down the houses on the coast.
  • toad As I walked through the forest, I spotted a fat toad hopping across the path.
  • tod
  • today I am attending a meeting at 3 PM today.
  • todd Todd is a great person to work with, always cheerful and energetic.
  • toddle As the little girl began to toddle towards her mother, she stumbled and fell, but quickly got back up and continued on her way.
  • toddy After a long day at work, he loves to unwind with a hot toddy.
  • todl
  • toil She had to toil for hours in the hot sun to finish planting the garden.
  • toll The traffic on the highway took a heavy toll on my patience.
  • tonal The tonal quality of the singer's voice was remarkable, even in her higher range.
  • tool I need a screwdriver, a hammer and a wrench as I don't have the right tool for this job.
  • total The total number of participants in the race was thirty.
  • totals The totals of the sales from each store will be added together to calculate the company's revenue for the quarter.