What is the correct spelling for TODLER?

When it comes to the misspelling "todler", it is important to offer correct suggestions to enhance proper writing. The correct spelling for the word is "toddler". Paying attention to the double "d" in the middle of the word helps ensure accuracy when referring to the lively and curious young children who are always on the move.

Correct spellings for TODLER

  • Adler Adler is my favorite brand of fountain pen.
  • dodder
  • idler The idler wheel was broken.
  • modeler The modeler was able to create a digital representation of the building before construction began.
  • taller The taller of the two trees was older.
  • teller I will ask the teller for your change.
  • tiddler The tiddler I was looking for isn't here.
  • tiler I need a tiler to fix my roof.
  • tiller The driver of the truck used the tiller to change gears.
  • toddle The little girl began to toddle across the room on wobbly legs.
  • Toddled I toddled over to mommy and hugged her tightly.
  • toddler The toddler took her first steps and waddled towards her favorite toy.
  • toddlers Toddlers are too young to be driving.
  • toddles I enjoy a good toddles with my friends.
  • Toiled He toiled all day in the hot sun, but was proud of the progress he made on building his new house.
  • toiler The toiler in the factory worked long hours to meet the production quota.
  • toilet I realized too late that the toilet was clogged.
  • Tole I never travel without my Tole.
  • Tolled I was about to leave, but then I realized my phone was tolled.
  • tooled He tooled around in his classic car all weekend.
  • Tooter
  • totter The toddler began to totter across the room.
  • tyler I went to Tyler's house for dinner.
  • yodeler The yodeler was so good I almost felt bad for the cat.